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Aug 15 2022

Even ABC Calls Democrats Orwellian

The absurdly named “Inflation Reduction Act” proves that Democrats have not been driving inflation into the stratosphere through incompetence but by design. This massive wasteful spending blowout is certain to push inflation even higher. Naming such a bill the Inflation Reduction Act is so openly Orwellian as to constitute an arrogant middle finger in America’s face. Even the dopy apparatchiks at ABC nearly get it:

The Marxist eat-the-rich duckspeak by Biden’s Historic First Noisily Sexually Perverted Black Immigrant Spokesmoonbat is as preposterous as the name of the law. Like everything Democrats do, the massive expansion of the IRS is designed to crush small business and the middle class.

Why are Democrats deliberately inflating away the value of our savings? So as to pay down the massive debt they are running up with play money, and because inflation allows these greedy thieves to rob from everyone on earth who holds so much as a penny of US currency.

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One Response to “Even ABC Calls Democrats Orwellian”

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