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May 18 2024

EVs Cause Motion Sickness

To the many reasons to resist coercive pressure to drive an electric moonbatmobile, let’s add motion sickness:

Motion sickness in EVs “is a real thing,” said Dr. D.J. Verret, an ear, nose and throat doctor in Texas, according to ABC.

“The brain sets up a model for what it expects in certain situations,” he said. “In combustion cars, you hear the engine revving and know someone is stepping on the accelerator. The car moves forward. In an EV, the auditory and visual inputs don’t fit the model that you are actually moving.”

The result is that those inside feel sick — unless it is realizing they spent way too much on an unreliable, inefficient, dangerous, environmentally harmful glorified golfcart, thereby signaling not virtue but foolishness, that makes them feel sick.

No wonder so many unsold Teslas are piling up in parking lots.

Anecdotally, driving an EV has been blamed for extreme fatigue; debilitating shoulder, collarbone, and neck pain; nosebleeds; nausea; and hair loss. On the positive side, driving one improves the weather according to liberal doctrine, which presumably someone somewhere takes seriously.

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