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Nov 18 2020

More Expensive to Recharge Tesla Than to Gas Up Car

Teslas may cost a fortune even after government subsidies, but you save in the long run, because you don’t have to buy gasoline, right? Not necessarily. Using the Tesla Supercharger network is more expensive than putting gasoline in a regular car:

[R]echarging even the most efficient Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus – which consumes 18.8kWh/100km, according to figures supplied to the government – would cost $9.78 per 100km using a Supercharger.

A rival BMW 330i costs $8.00 per 100km…

[T]he BMW is 18 per cent cheaper to fuel than a Tesla is to recharge.

No amount of subsidies will make it more efficient to power cars with coal than gasoline.

Wherever Democrats have power, ever more unreasonable green energy mandates compel increasing use of electricity generated from “renewable” sources. Soon it will be cheaper to hire unemployed Americans to carry the car like a palanquin.

On a tip from Stormfax.


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