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May 26 2023

Expert: Start Transsexualizing Your Child Prior to Birth

Children are not human until after they have passed entirely through the birth canal; that’s why it is morally acceptable to crush their skulls prior to that event and vacuum out their brains. However, even if you are too young to count as a Homo sapiens, you are never too young to be set on track to have your mind and body destroyed on behalf of the transsexual agenda, as an Expert confirms:

A professor at Albert Einstein College of Medicine who is involved in a LGBTQ+ “special interest group” claimed that parents must start including gender ideology in their families before a baby is born.

You can only serve one master. Members of the LGBTQ+ cult will not be distracted from their agenda by conflicting principles like “first do no harm.”

Lauren T. Roth, a professor of pediatrics at Einstein and a physician in the division of academic general pediatrics at the Children’s Hospital at Montefiore … has specialized knowledge of transgender medical interventions on children diagnosed with dysphoria.

Lectures Roth:

“Like, this is a normal thing. And we have to understand that gender is on a spectrum. There’s not just men and women.”

Despite the specialized knowledge, Dr. Roth appears to have flunked junior high biology class. A doctor denying the adult humans are either men or women is like a mathematician denying that 2 + 2 = 4.

To convince children of such obvious lies, you have to start early:

Roth said gender ideology must be adopted by parents “at birth or even before,” and proceeded to criticize the colors pink and blue for putting “expectations” on a baby.

Liberal parents will not acquire a transsexual trophy child unless they get the project started early.

Despite gender ideology having been invented only within the past few years,

Roth went on to claim that babies can develop their gender identity as young as 18 months old.

This will require what progressives call “nudging”:

[Roth] suggested parents can initiate gender-related conversations early in childhood in order to “give them space to explore” what gender they are.

Here’s why wise parents will not let Dr. Roth anywhere near their children:

Roth serves as co-chair of the LGBTQ Health and Well-Being Special Interest Group of the Academic Pediatric Association, where she is working to bring standardized training to future pediatricians.


Montefiore provides transgender medical interventions on children such as cross-sex hormones and puberty blockers…

The purpose of these drugs is to prevent a child’s normal development.

The Long March Through the Institutions has been laying claim to the medical profession, making it increasingly difficult to determine which doctors can be trusted to place the health of patients ahead of leftist ideology.

Fortunately, Roth’s crazy eyes are likely to warn caring parents away:

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.


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