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Jan 15 2024

Facebook Allows Human Trafficking Ads

Facebook recently suspended Chaya Raichik again, presumably for revealing what liberals say to each other on TikTok. But don’t get the impression it is pro-censorship. Facebook is so principled in its support for free speech that it even allows advertising by human traffickers:

On Friday, former acting director of the United States National Intelligence, Richard Grenell, revealed that Facebook is not stopping Guatemalan coyotes from advertising their services to bring illegal immigrants to the United States.

In a post on X, Grenell said, “I’ve learned in Guatemala that coyotes are openly advertising on @facebook – 3 tries to get to the United States for $10k.” He added, “Biden and Zuckerberg don’t care.”

This is business as usual for the leftists at Meta:

In 2001, the issue had gotten so bad that Apple threatened to take Facebook off of the App Store amid human trafficking concerns.

The moonbattery is well over the top if even Apple is drawing a line.

“On Facebook and Instagram, unscrupulous employment agencies advertised workers they could supply under coercive terms, using their photos and describing their skills and personal details,” The Wall Street Journal wrote at the time.

Where you have human trafficking you will have sex and drug trafficking, entailing child sex slaves and poisons like fentanyl. But the important thing for Biden and Zuckerberg is that it advances the Democrat policy of displacing the American population with grasping illegal aliens from the Third World.

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