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Dec 19 2023

Study Confirms Illegals Use More Welfare Than US Citizens

The largest invasion in human history is also the largest looting spree. Among the findings of a report based on data from the 2022 Survey of Income and Program Participation are these:

• The 2022 SIPP indicates that 54 percent of households headed by immigrants — naturalized citizens, legal residents, and illegal immigrants — used one or more major welfare program. This compares to 39 percent for U.S.-born households.

• The rate is 59 percent for non-citizen households (e.g. green card holders and illegal immigrants).

No evidence was found that this is due to fraud.

• Illegal immigrants can receive welfare on behalf of U.S.-born children, and illegal immigrant children can receive school lunch/breakfast and WIC directly. A number of states provide Medicaid to some illegal adults and children, and a few provide SNAP. Several million illegal immigrants also have work authorization (e.g. DACA, TPS, and some asylum applicants) allowing receipt of the EITC.

Even if they work, they still collect welfare, as they do even if they don’t have kids and even if they have education credentials:

• Immigrant households without children, as well as those with high incomes and those headed by immigrants with at least a bachelor’s degree, tend to be more likely to use welfare than their U.S.-born counterparts.

Sometimes Democrats/the media pretend that illegals are prevented from suckling at the teat of the Welfare State; however,

• Most new legal immigrants are barred from most programs, as are illegal immigrants, but this has a modest impact primarily because: 1) Immigrants can receive benefits on behalf of U.S.-born children; 2) the bar does not apply to all programs, nor does it apply to non-citizen children in some cases; 3) most legal immigrants have lived here long enough to qualify for welfare; 4) some states provide welfare to otherwise ineligible immigrants on their own; 5) by naturalizing, immigrants gain full welfare eligibility.

An obvious conclusion is drawn:

Given their welfare use rates, knowledge of government programs is clearly extensive in immigrant communities.

No doubt the ins and outs of our extravagantly generous welfare system are common knowledge in places like Haiti and central Africa, where it would be virtually impossible to make as much by working as undocumented Democrats can make here by producing babies out of wedlock.

In the long term, we will be displaced by the millions upon millions of moochers leftists like Biden have been importing from the Third World. In the short term, we will be literally enslaved by them. What else would you call it when, on a coercive basis, someone else receives the wealth you produce?

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