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Oct 30 2021

False Flag Operation to Shore Up McAuliffe Backfires

Leftists have become desperate as they watch Terry McAuliffe — the Democrat establishment incarnate — flounder in blue Virginia. In a pathetic attempt to wring a last drop of propaganda out of a rally in defense of a Robert E. Lee statue that took place in Charlottesville 4 years ago, the pro-Democrat, pedophile-protecting grifters of the Lincoln Project staged a laughably amateur hate hoax attempting to associate Glenn Youngkin with dreaded white supremacists. The Three Stooges level incompetence even featured a black white supremacist.

MSM journalists are so eager to believe or at least disseminate any lie they think will hurt Republicans that they actually fell for this.

The Blaze reports:

Mainstream media outlets and online liberal influencers pounced on the bait after a photograph surfaced of supposed supporters of Glenn Youngkin with what has been identified as white supremacist paraphernalia.

The tiki torches are intended to convince idiots that these are the evil racists who didn’t want the statue of Robert E. Lee torn down.

Jen Goodman, the communications director for the campaign of former Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe, immediately reposted it and said “This is disgusting and disqualifying.”

Thankfully we are not at the mercy of liberal journalists and other Democrat spinmeisters. Online sleuths recognized some of the faux white supremacists.

Among the two who suspiciously look like Democrat activists are Colleen Wachenfeld, whose profile said she works for the Virginia Democrats, and Camden Layton, whose profile said he worked as the finance director for the Virginia Democrats.

These two have been covering their tracks on social media.

Later on Friday, the anti-Trump organization Lincoln Project took responsibility for the stunt in a defiant statement.

The Lincoln Project is the same moonbat operation that compared Antifa brownshirts to the heroes who stormed the beaches on D-Day. Vice explains why these cockroaches abandoned their hoax and confessed with only days to go before the election:

The Lincoln Project acknowledged they were behind the stunt after VICE News identified one of the people dressed in the photo in front of Youngkin’s campaign bus as a low-level Democratic operative who has recently been working for Democratic sting operator Lauren Windsor’s The Undercurrent. Her group has repeatedly gone undercover as conservative activists to goad politicians into saying what’s really on their mind—and has also held events alongside the Lincoln Project in recent days. …

Windsor acknowledged her role in the event.

If progressives were good at anything, it would be dirty politics. But even there they are incompetent. No wonder the country’s wheels have been coming loose since these deranged clowns took over the federal government.

Voters have yet another reason to prevent McAwful from returning to the governor’s mansion.

His upset loss will be devastating for Democrats. It will signal that moonbattery has reached its high-water mark, and that the country is returning to its senses.

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