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Jan 02 2024

Family Terms Banned From Newspeak Dictionary

A central objective of leftists dating back to Karl Marx has been the destruction of the most basic structure holding together human civilization, the family. Black Lives Matter made this goal explicit, before it was removed for strategic reasons during the George Floyd riots. Progressives have embraced postmodernism, according to which power is wielded through language. So it should come as no surprise that social engineers are erasing familial relationships from the Newspeak Dictionary.

Goodbye “brother” and “sister”:

‘Brother’ and ‘sister’ could be banned from official documents and other public communication and be replaced by the term ‘siblings’, under updated anti-discrimination laws in one Australian state.

“Anti-discrimination” refers to the overhauling of society to remake it according to the specifications of LGBT activists.

[New South Wales] is overhauling its Anti-Discrimination Act of 1977 next year and preliminary submissions are already pouring in for what could be a highly contested battle between differing lobbyists.

That battle is between those who want to delete any word deemed to be an obstacle to LGBTism and those who want to preserve the English language and civilization in general.

Goodbye “husband” and “wife”:

The Methodist Church in Great Britain released an “Inclusive Language Guide” this month advising Methodists to avoid using gendered terms such as “husband” and “wife” because such allegedly assumes what is not “the reality for many people.”

At least moonbats provide some comic relief by using the term “reality” in the context of pretending there is no difference between men and women.

Tellingly, British Methodists also want to erase the word “insane.” To avoid cancelation for thoughtcrime, you are commanded to say “neurodiverse.” Don’t forget to keep a straight face.

Before long, the word “family” itself will be deleted from the Newspeak Dictionary.

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