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Apr 11 2022

Feds Get Serious About Erasing Word “Squaw”

The ideology of our woke overlords rests on the belief that whites are mean to racial groups that liberals prefer. To prop up this crumbling lie, leftists resort to hate hoaxes and to declaring neutral terms to be derogatory.

In an irritating demonstration of authoritarian arrogance and phony virtue signaling, Democrats piously demanded that Squaw Peak — among the most prominent features of Phoenix — be referred to as “Piestewa Peak.” People still call Squaw Peak “Squaw Peak,” but never on TV.

The large number of landmarks throughout the country with the formerly anodyne term “squaw” in the name now constitutes evidence that America is racist, as per liberal doctrine.

No worries, oppressed Indians. Democrats will ride to your rescue by erasing our heritage:

The United States Department of the Interior (DOI) proposed a list of new names for more than 660 geographic features across the country last month, the agency announced in a statement.

Led by the U.S. Secretary of the Interior Deb Haaland, the first Native American to serve as cabinet secretary, the February 2022 release of the list marks the next step in a sweeping plan to remove the racist and misogynist slur “squaw” from the national geographic landscape. Hundreds of U.S. geographic sites, including mountains, rivers, lakes, remote islands and more, currently are named using the word, report Neil Vigdor and Christine Hauser for the New York Times.

How much money they will print to pay for this gesture was not disclosed.

The word “squaw” is now so thoroughly canceled that bureaucrats will not put it in writing lest they be accused of a thought crime. Instead, they right “sq___” or refer to it as the “S word.”

Which word will be designated as “racist and misogynist” next is anyone’s guess. Finding a suitable candidate is the sort of thing overpaid federal bureaucrats do with their time, as inflation spirals out of control, inner cities degenerate into violent anarchy, a vast conquering army of illegal aliens pours across the border, and America circles the drain.

On a tip from Jack Bauer.


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