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Mar 18 2023

Providence Missionary Baptist Church Hate Hoax

Looks like authorities have not yet managed to stamp out racism/homophobia/fascism/et cetera even in the bastion of liberalism some call the San Francisco of the South. Look what someone did not merely to a house of worship but to a Historic Black Church, the Providence Missionary Baptist Church in Atlanta:

According to 11 Alive, the front of the church was tagged with several messages including “devil worship 666,” “apostate,” “Satan,” “sin,” and at least one homophobic message. The main doors had a backward swastika and imagery of a hanging painted on them.

It didn’t take long to track down the apparent culprit. James McIntyre had been removed from the property for trespassing the previous Sunday. He was found sitting across the street from the crime, easily identifiable by the MAGA cap he wore balanced atop his KKK hood.

Just kidding. McIntyre is of course black. Otherwise this story would have been national news.


Reverend Doctor Gerald Durley, the church’s former pastor, told Channel 2 Action News that he hopes those responsible will be prosecuted under hate crime laws.

That way McIntyre might actually be punished — if they can find him. He was released the following day.

Despite failing to fit it, the story was shoehorned into the Narrative:

In response to a TikTok video posted of local news coverage of the vandalism, in which a photo of McIntyre was not shown, some users appeared to presume that the suspect was white.

“I have been to that church in the pass [sic] for black political conference, still have pictures. White Racism and WP is mother nature’s worst mistake,” wrote one TikTok user.

Not everyone is as wise to the ways of the world as readers. Those steeped in liberal propaganda will assume that any attack on a black church was likely committed by mythical white racists, even if this rarely if ever happens in real life. By deleting McIntyre’s race from the story, the media told a deliberate lie that could be used to inflame racial tensions on behalf of the woke agenda.

The vandal’s motives are unknown and likely too psychotic to make sense of, but media propagandists who spun this as a racial incident while suppressing his race belong on the Hate Hoax List.

On a tip from Steven S.

Mar 15 2023

Watch Jussie Smollett Hate Hoax Reenacted

Coconspirators in the most famous hate hoax since the one that launched Al Sharpton’s career have come forward to confirm that like his Democrat backers, Jussie Smollett is a fraud:

Early in the morning hours of a polar vortex in January 2019, FOX’s “Empire” actor Jussie Smollett claimed two White supremacist Trump supporters attacked him near his Chicago apartment in a racially-motivated hate crime that would soon incite outrage from activists and the media. …

Smollett alleged the “White supremacists” … threw chemicals on him and put a noose around his neck, while shouting racially and homophobically-charged slurs and telling him he was in “MAGA country.”

Despite the credulity of the liberal establishment, the staged hate crime flunked the laugh test so dramatically that Smollett was convicted on five felony counts of disorderly conduct.

Brothers Abimbola “Bola” and Olabinjo “Ola” Osundairo, Smollett’s accomplices in the act, finally broke their silence to the media about the hoax for the first time in an interview now streaming on Fox Nation.

Watch and laugh as the Nigerian brothers explain how they subjected Smollett to a noogie, which is probably as close as this privileged yet whiny Gay Person of Color ever came to being oppressed:

On tips from seaoh, KirklesWorth, and Occam’s Stubble.

Mar 07 2023

MIT Anti-Free Speech Hate Hoax

Hate hoaxes are good for more than garnering the sympathy of fools. They can also be used to shut down free speech, as with flyers blaspheming against sacred sexual deviants that were found on the campus of Massachusetts Institute of Technology:

The incident came in the wake of a two-month-old MIT faculty resolution that defends freedom of speech and expression — even speech some find “offensive or injurious.”

Even some college professors are getting fed up with the climate of fear that prevents the free exchange of ideas.

A report released in mid-January by the Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression … found that “Large portions of MIT faculty and students are afraid to express their views in various academic settings. Faculty and students are at least as afraid of each other as they are of the administration.”

Educrats being overwhelmingly left-wing, they are rarely fans of free speech, because dissident speech constitutes a challenge to their hegemony. Yet MIT appears to be moving in the right direction — infuriating moonbats.

A Feb. 23 memo from MIT administrators stated flyers posted across campus and some chalking outside a school entrance “contained slurs directly targeting the LBGTQ+ community.”

MIT’s bias response team investigated, the memo added, and determined “the messages were put up by students choosing to use extreme speech to call attention to and protest what they see as the implications of” several new pro-free speech policies and efforts at the school.

That is to say, like the ideology the students were trying to defend from free speech, the flyers are a lie.

Peter Bonilla, executive director of the MIT Free Speech Alliance, said he couldn’t say for sure whether the students who posted the messages are left-leaning progressives, but added “whatever the content of the messages, whatever was being said, the point they seem to be making was that they should not have the right to say it.”

I’ll go out on a limb and say of course they were left-leaning progressives — and of course they belong on the Hate Hoax List.

On a tip from Jim K.

Feb 25 2023

Media Pushes Phony Chick-fil-A Racial Slur

Chick-fil-A is associated with Christians and therefore hated by liberals. Despite appalling efforts to pander to moonbats, Chick-fil-A has never been able to win them over, because their ideology requires outsiders to target, demonize, and focus hatred upon, and Chick-fil-A has been cast in that role. At last they have actual evidence of the ultimate thoughtcrime — antiblack racism — to hang around Chick-fil-A’s neck. A low-level employee accidently misspelled a customer’s name as “Niger,” which is only one letter away from the blasphemy beyond all other blasphemies, the untypable N-word:

A Charlotte family is taking legal action against Chick-Fil-A after an employee put a racial slur on their receipt.

An incident like this should be worth $millions. It could take whole weeks of high living to flush all the jackpot justice loot down the toilet.

“I was just in shock. I literally parked right there, I couldn’t eat the food,” said Nyiashia Jackson as she looked over to the Chick-fil-A parking lot.

The 19-year-old was appalled by what she found when she picked up her food. The name on that receipt wasn’t Nyiashia’s. It was the “N-word” spelled with one G.

The N-word spelled with one G is “Niger,” an African country with a population of over 23 million. In the video accompanying the WCCB Charlotte story, as in other news reports, this word is blurred, lest it offend.

In its desperate effort to find some evidence to prop up its absurd ideology, the media has plunged headlong into self-parody.

Chick-fil-A is characteristically groveling obsequiously over the harmless error. Its apologies are not accepted by Nyiashia’s mother April, who wants not only money but for the employee to be fired. It must not have occurred to her that the employee might be black.

On tips from Bluto and Jester.

Jan 25 2023

White Power Graffiti in Idaho Is Hate Hoax

It isn’t easy to find the white supremacism that liberals claim is endemic. Let’s try Idaho:

The words “White Power” were found spray-painted on the side of Caldwell High School last Thursday, two days after the high school held a “Brown Pride” protest, the Idaho Statesman reported. The Tuesday protest was held in support of a student who was told to remove a hooded sweatshirt reading “Brown Pride” because other people reportedly found it “racist,” the outlet reported.

According to Caldwell High School Principal Anita Wilson, the “Brown Pride” shirt was forbidden not because it was thoughtcrime like a “White Pride” shirt would be, but because “Caldwell has had a gang problem before, and ‘Brown Pride’ is associated with gangs.”

Despite the likelihood that it was a hate hoax, authorities could be counted on to clutch their pearls theatrically over the “White Power” graffiti. Caldwell Chief of Police Rex Ingram proclaimed that “we will not tolerate hate in our city.”

Anyone with a clue knew how this would end:

On Friday, police provided an update that the graffiti vandalism is believed to be a “diversion tactic” used by one of the Hispanic gangs in the area to avoid being caught by police, and “was possibly done to exploit the recent protest at Caldwell High School.” …

“I am proud of the investigative effort given by our detectives in this matter, who quickly determined this incident to not be a hate crime,” Ingram said.

Please welcome Caldwell, Idaho Hispanic gangs to the Hate Hoax List.

On a tip from Steve T.

Jan 14 2023

Vintage Hate Hoax: Erica Thomas

This Vintage Hate Hoax originally appeared on Moonbattery July 21, 2019:

The Squad (aka the Jihad Squad, the Gang of Four, AOC+3) got a great deal of favorable publicity out of Trump’s tweet that if they hate America so much, they can go back to their ancestral homelands. Georgia democrat lawmaker Erica Thomas apparently decided she wanted a piece of the pie. Read more »

Jan 13 2023

Vintage Hate Hoax: Amari Allen

This Vintage Hate Hoax originally appeared on Moonbattery October 3, 2019:

Hate hoaxes get traction in the willfully gullible media because they advance the media’s progressive agenda. The Amari Allen hate hoax is a case in point. Read more »

Jan 13 2023

Vintage Hate Hoax: Rashida Tlaib

This Vintage Hate Hoax originally appeared on Moonbattery October 2, 2019:

Squad member Rashida Tlaib, who succinctly summarized the Democrat Party platform when she screeched “Impeach the m******f******” prior to the current pretext for impeaching Trump, is a master at promoting and exploiting hate hoaxes. The Washington Free Beacon notes that she has climbed aboard at least four hoaxes so far this year without issuing corrections after the hoaxes collapsed. Read more »

Jan 12 2023

Vintage Hate Hoax: Bob’s Burgers n’ Teriyakis

This Vintage Hate Hoax originally appeared on Moonbattery November 5, 2019:

The classic hate hoax consists of a lone person of politically preferred pigmentation or sexual derangement staging minor vandalism/harassment and blaming it on bigots to generate sympathetic attention and to propagandize on behalf of cultural Marxist ideology. But the phenomenon has been so successful that hoaxes are becoming more ambitious, involving different motives and a larger number of participants. From Seattle: Read more »

Jan 11 2023

Vintage Hate Hoax: Okay Sign

This Vintage Hate Hoax originally appeared on Moonbattery November 8, 2019:

The long-familiar okay sign has been proclaimed a symbol of hate by the Anti-Defamation League. Someone got Gru from Despicable Me fired over it. A Chicago school blew $54,000 to purge a yearbook of the okay sign. A Cubs fan was indefinitely banned from Wrigley Field for making it. A member of the US Coast Guard was relieved of his duties for the same thought crime. Read more »

Jan 10 2023

Vintage Hate Hoax: Abdirahim “Husu” Hussein

This Vintage Hate Hoax originally appeared on Moonbattery November 15, 2019:

Somali colonists who feel they are not treated with sufficiently obsequious deference by their Scandinavian hosts can resort to a tried and true method for the “oppressed” to assert their dominance: the hate hoax. Read more »

Jan 09 2023

Vintage Hate Hoax:

This Vintage Hate Hoax originally appeared on Moonbattery November 17, 2019:

Weaponizing victimhood is easy for the rich and famous. Pop singer “” of the Black Eyed Peas was so belligerent toward a Qantas stewardess that he found himself greeted by the police when he arrived in Sydney. He took revenge by denouncing the stewardess as a racist to his Twitter following — by name. Read more »

Jan 08 2023

Vintage Hate Hoax: Myles Garrett

This Vintage Hate Hoax originally appeared on Moonbattery November 22, 2019:

Myles Garrett, the savage who ripped off Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph’s helmet and beat him on the head with it, has attempted to escape the consequences for his behavior with an accusation so predictable and yet so preposterous that it lands him immediately on the Hate Hoax List with other faux victims of racism. Garrett says the felonious assault for which he should be not only suspended but imprisoned was justified because Rudolph called him a racial slur. Read more »

Jan 07 2023

Vintage Hate Hoax: Syracuse University White Supremacist Manifesto

This Vintage Hate Hoax originally appeared on Moonbattery November 23, 2019:

Rumor had it that students at Syracuse University were subjected to politically horrific thoughts via AirDrop, an Apple feature for sharing documents. This has been debunked as yet another hate hoax. Read more »


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