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Aug 13 2019

A&I’s Chicken Shack: Hate Hoaxing as Marketing?

The more successful hate hoaxes are never definitively exposed. It would be a shame to deny their perpetrators a coveted spot on the Hate Hoax List. Fortunately, some are so improbable that it seems reasonable to place them on the list on a tentative basis, pending evidence that may never be produced, especially when authorities are not always eager to produce it. An example would be A&I’s Chicken Shack in North Carolina:

Customers at a Siler City restaurant are standing up to racism by filling the tables after the owners received hate mail that included numerous racial slurs this week.

Andre Chaney and Ivan Santos opened A&I’s Chicken Shack about three weeks ago…

Chaney, who is black, said he got an unwelcome greeting in a letter he received Wednesday telling him the restaurant has no place in Siler City.

“You will not make it here. Leave town or we will help you,” the letter, signed “White Nationalists,” concluded.

Apologies to Chaney if any of this is on the level, but signed “White Nationalists”? Please. It would not have been less believable if he had signed his marketing missive “Dastardly Racist Villains.”

The letter included a reference to Making America Great Again and re-electing Trump. If you don’t like Trump, you know where to eat in Siler City, NC.

He posted the letter to social media as a way to speak out against the person or people behind it. The post quickly generated support for A&I’s Chicken Shack from people near and far.

The first lesson of 21st century marketing: convince the public that it can signal politically correct virtue by becoming your customer.

Chatham County Sheriff Mike Roberson says he is “really proud of the community response.”

Roberson’s deputies are investigating the letter to determine who sent it, adding that it could lead to felony charges.

Things could get embarrassing if they investigate too hard. Consider what would have happened to Jussie Smollett if he had not had friends in high places.

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Jul 21 2019

Erica Thomas Joins Hate Hoax List

The Squad (aka the Jihad Squad, the Gang of Four, AOC+3) got a great deal of obsequious publicity out of Trump’s tweet that if they hate America so much, they so go back to their ancestral homelands. Georgia democrat lawmaker Erica Thomas apparently decided she wanted a piece of the pie.

Via Townhall:

Georgia State Rep. and Minority Leader Erica Thomas (D) took to Twitter on Saturday, saying a white man called her “a lazy SOB” and that she needed to go back to where she came from because she had too many items in the express lane at the local Publix.

Surely, an experience this traumatic dwarfs the Holocaust. See how Rep Thomas has been reduced to sniveling and blubbering like a 2-year-old:

Bleeding heart liberalism means being ruled by people of this caliber.

Unsurprisingly, it appears her nauseating performance was a lie. The alleged racist who supposedly oppressed her is a Cuban-American Democrat named Eric Sparkes who suffers from Trump derangement syndrome and who had publicly denounced Trump for his controversial tweet regarding the Squad moonbats. This same Trump tweet clearly motivated Thomas’s hoax, as she more or less admits by referencing Ilhan Omar in the video. Sparkes showed up at her press conference to pull the rug out from under her hoax.

There really was an argument over Thomas’s inappropriate use of an express lane, but from there her story is evidently fiction.

Thomas confirmed that she is not to be believed by changing her story, making the allegations vaguer. But like Jussie Smollett, she doggedly continues to insist that she was oppressed by racism.

Tim Pool covers this embarrassing affair and offers a theory as to how a loss of purpose leads to moonbattery, leading in turn to using these disgraceful hate hoaxes to prop up the false ideology of liberalism:

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Jul 19 2019

University of Michigan Noose Is Not a Noose

To judge by prevailing rhetoric, nooses were only ever used to oppress innocent Persons of Politically Preferred Pigmentation. That means whenever you see a noose, you have witnessed a hate crime

University of Michigan police are investigating after a noose was found on an employee’s desk at a university hospital.

The university has “taken immediate action” to investigate the incident that occurred Thursday as an act of discrimination and criminal ethnic intimidation, said Dr. Marschall S. Runge, the dean of the University of Michigan Medical School.

…or more likely, a hate hoax. After much tearing of hair and rending of garments, with CNN and the FBI being made aware of the crisis, we read this from U of M’s Division of Public Safety and Security:

Based on multiple witness interviews and other evidence, DPSS does not believe that the incident involving the rope was a hate crime. If relevant new information comes forward, the case will be reopened.

During the investigation, it was learned that a spool of rope utilized for medical procedures was being used by a person on a break to practice tying a “Uni Knot,” which is a type of knot used for fishing.

However, it remains a possibility that the knot was tied by a racist practicing to catch blackfish so as to oppress them.

Although there does not appear to be intent to deceive in this case, hyping a piece of rope that vaguely resembles a noose into a hate crime is so irresponsible as to qualify as a hoax.

The level of delusional hysteria required to produce incidents like this was last seen at the Salem witch trials.

Hat tip: Legal Insurrection.

Jun 30 2019

Hate Crime Hoax: The Book

The only thing unusual about the Jussie Smollett hate hoax is that because the perpetrator is a Hollyweirdo, it has continued to generate some media interest, even after it was exposed. When it comes to hate incidents against politically preferred groups, hoaxes are not the exception but the rule, as Wilfred Reilly confirms in his recommended book Hate Crime Hoax: How the Left is Selling a Fake Race War.

Reilly is an Assistant Professor of Political Science at Kentucky State, which is a 47% black college. Somehow, he gets away with pulling the curtain back on the hate hoax phenomenon.

His fellow black thought criminal Jason Riley likes the book too:

If “Hate Crime Hoax” merely offered examples to illustrate the extent of this phenomenon—and the book offers nearly 100—it would be providing a much-needed public service. But Mr. Reilly has a larger point to make. The Smollett case isn’t an outlier. Increasingly, it’s the norm. And the media’s relative lack of interest in exposing hoaxes that don’t involve famous figures is a big part of the problem.

Interested readers are of course also referred to the representative Hate Hoax List.

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Jun 23 2019

Jussie Smollett Not Above the Law After All?

Is it possible that a Hollyweird homosexual of politically preferred pigmentation who is buddies with Michelle Obama is not above the law after all? There is hope regarding the Jussie Smollett case:

A Cook County judge on Friday ordered the appointment of a special prosecutor in the Jussie Smollett case, which could lead to new charges against the “Empire” star.

Despite the laws he broke during his infamous hate hoax, Smollett was allowed to skate by Kim Foxx, no doubt on orders from someone more powerful. However,

Judge Michael Toomin ruled that when State’s Attorney Kim Foxx recused herself from the case, she did not have the authority to appoint her replacement.

According to the judge, if there are “reasonable grounds to believe that any other criminal offense was committed … special prosecutor may commence the prosecution of any crime as may be suspected.”

Disturbing the peace, filing a false police report, mail fraud involving a hate hoax letter he sent to himself — it shouldn’t take investigators long to find crime.

The judge’s ruling stated that the special prosecutor was to be appointed so as to “restore the public’s confidence in the integrity of our criminal justice system.”

Putting Smollett behind bars would be a step in the right direction.

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Jun 12 2019

Google Autocomplete Defends Jussie Smollett

Anything produced by the progressive establishment is likely to be a pernicious lie. This includes Google autocomplete.

Given that Jussie Smollett is the most infamous of the many hater hoaxers who disgrace our day and age, it is unsurprising that people who search for his name are interested in the hoax he lamely tried to pull off, but for which he received no significant punishment, due to his friends among the liberal elite. And yet:

A review of Google’s autocomplete function on searches of Smollett found no references to anything regarding the hate crime, even though the company’s own data show it is the only reason his name was ever searched.

This is no accident, but rather deliberate policy on the part of Google, which is suppressing the searches people are likely to want so as not to “associate potentially disparaging or sensitive terms with named individuals.”

How kind of them to protect the reputation of Jussie Smollett, widely regarded as one of the lowest lifeforms on the planet (although not by moonbats).

Google does the same for people who are not of the Left. Ha ha; just kidding:

Nicholas Sandmann, the Covington High School student the media made into a villain after a video falsely portrayed him as a racist bully, wasn’t a beneficiary of the policy. All the Google search suggestions for Sandmann are related to the video of him.

Only the guilty get protection. The innocent continue to be smeared. This is one of the many ways Google helps to inflict social justice.

Hat tip: Liberty Daily.

May 30 2019

Bash the Hash

4chan hoaxers had phenomenal success convincing puritanical moonbats that the familiar okay hand sign is racist, even getting a Cubs fan banned indefinitely from Wrigley field for appearing to play the Circle Game and compelling a Chicago school to blow $54 grand purging the okay sign from its yearbook. Rather than rest on their laurels following their big success with Operation O-KKK, they turn their attention to the hashtag:

The far-right campaign, dubbed “Bash the Hash,” a play on the anti-fascist term “Bash the Fash,” aims to remove the ability of sites like Twitter to use the popular symbol.

“It will be a perfect win-win situation,” [a 4chan] user adds. “Either Twitter will have to accept blatant Nazism on its forums or it will effectively have to find a way to get rid of the site’s core mechanics.”

If blatant Nazism is allowed on Twitter, then so will conservative views that are falsely depicted as Nazism by leftists.

In the near future, people might lose their jobs for hitting the # key. If Operation O-KKK could work, so might this.

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May 29 2019

Jenni Monet, Hate Hoaxing SJW on the Warpath

What do you get when you cross Jussie Smollett with Nathan Phillips? Belligerently oppressed Indian activist Jenni Monet, who claims she was racially oppressed by a liquor store that wouldn’t sell to her when she was conspicuously drunk:

Screeching racism when the only racist is herself earns Jenni Monet a coveted slot on the Hate Hoax List.

On a tip from KirklesWorth.

May 23 2019

$54 Grand to Purge OK Sign From Yearbook

Hysteria over the OK sign continues:

A school is Chicago will spend tens of thousands of dollars reprinting its 2018-19 yearbook after several photos contained students posing with a hand gesture which has links to white supremacy.

The “links” consist of a deliberate hoax (Operation O-KKK) cooked up by 4chan pranksters, who wanted to see if they could dupe hysterical liberals into thinking that the familiar “okay” gesture actually makes the letters WP for “white power.” The hoax was so wildly successful that some alt righters now use the sign ironically.

Administrators at the Oak Park and River Forest High School announced it will spend a total of $53,794 to replace the 1,750 copies of “Tabula” after staff found 18 photos of students making an upside down OK hand sign.

Your fingers do not form a WP if you make the gesture upside down. An upside-down okay sign is more likely to be an example of the Circle Game, whereby you make the sign over your crotch and then punch people in the arm for looking at it. This is the probable explanation for the sign made by a Cubs fan who was ostentatiously banned from Wrigley Field.

As usual, the liberal authorities are also upside down:

In a letter sent to the community, Superintendent Joylynn Pruitt-Adams said while the seemingly innocuous gesture could be interpreted as students of “various races, ethnicities, genders, and grades” playing what is known as the circle game, the upside down OK hand sign has also become associated with white nationalism and the far-right.

Joylynn Pruitt-Adams, herself a Person of Politically Preferred Pigmentation, says that the sign might subject sacred Students of Color to trauma, which of course “is simply not acceptable.”

She does make a good point though:

“Publishing the photos in question could not only harm students today but could subject students to potentially a lifetime of questions or penalty from colleges, employers, etc.”

This is true enough. The Thought Police recently concluded an inconclusive 4-month investigation into whether Ralph Northam wore blackface in a picture that appeared in a yearbook 35 years ago. At the time, most would have regarded the blackface as just horsing around. Now, even though few care that Northam has called for babies to be murdered after they have been born, he might have been forced to resign as Governor of Virginia if experts could have proven that was him in the blackface.

Follow the trajectory. Thirty-five years from now, people will probably be executed for having made the OK sign.

On a tip from Lyle.

May 14 2019

Hate App

To prop up their narrative, liberals could never have enough hate crimes. All the hoaxes help, but still more are needed. Fortunately for the agenda, there’s an app for that:

Emily Nicolosi, researcher, and Richard Medina, professor of geography, along with the DIGIT Lab developed an app that allows people to report incidents of hate. The first of its kind, the app accepts reports beyond crimes captured in police records. Users from around the country can document all incident types, from derogatory epithets written in bathrooms to slurs yelled from a car window in addition to violent assaults.

The Hate Incident Reporting System is available on Google Play. The idea is to inflate hate incident statistics to the maximum possible by recording everything snowflakes choose to be offended by.

Since all reporting is confidential, there is no need to take responsibility for — much less prove — allegations of hate.

Users categorize hate incidents as propaganda, property damage, verbal, and violent.

Imagine if countermoonbats were to use the app to report every propaganda attack against conservatives, Christians, whites, or regular Americans in general they see while watching television or reading “mainstream” publications. It might overload the system.

On a tip from Jester.

Apr 25 2019

Hate Hoax at BerMax Caffé and Bistro

Even in the aftermath of the Jussie Smollett spectacle, the hate hoaxes keep coming. In Winnipeg, the three family members who own BerMax Caffé and Bistro stand accused of staging an anti-Semitic attack on the night before the beginning of Passover:

[Last] Thursday evening, police responded to a report of an assault at the restaurant. A woman said she’d been assaulted, and the restaurant was spray-painted with hateful graffiti, police said.

However, the investigation didn’t go as planned.

“We found evidence of a crime. It just wasn’t a hate crime,” said [Winnipeg police Chief Danny] Smyth, adding the police expended considerable resources investigating and took the report seriously.

That’s the problem with hate hoaxes. Authorities take them too seriously for the good of the hoaxers, consequently discovering what really happened.

At long last, some accountability:

Alexander Berent, 56, Oxana Berent, 48, and Maxim Berent, 29, have all been charged with public mischief and were released after being arrested, police say.

Unless they have powerful friends like Jussie, they are unlikely to get away with it.

Oxana pulled out all the stops; that is, she played the Holocaust card:

“My grandmother’s family, they died in the Holocaust. Just her and her little brother survived, the whole family. We don’t joke about that,” she said, through tears.

How heart-breaking if she is falsely accused. How disgusting if she isn’t — and there is no reason to doubt the police. The Jewish Federation of Winnipeg doesn’t seem to:

“We reiterate our appreciation of the work of the Winnipeg Police Service and their continued support for the Jewish community.”

Had the hoax worked, it would have done wonders for business. Following the incident, Winnipeg rallied behind the Jewish community, according to Ran Ukashi of B’Nai Brith Canada.

Similarly, had Jussie Smollett pulled off his hoax successfully, he would have won an Oscar every year for the rest of life — possibly while two random innocent guys rotted in jail.

Please welcome BerMax Caffé and Bistro to the Hate Hoax List.

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This gives an idea of the moonbat mentality of the owners, on a tip from Nemo:

Apr 04 2019

Portland Hate Hoax Mania

Hate crimes recently exploded in Portland. Experience suggests that they are hoaxes. The New York Post reports:

[In February], Sophia Gabrielle Stanford was at the center of a fundraising campaign. The GoFundMe page described the trans activist as a victim of a “brutal and aggressively blatant hate crime” in which assailants had beaten her unconscious with a bat in southeast Portland.

Emergency services had found Stanford on the sidewalk with scrapes to his [I’m assuming “Sophia” is a guy] face and knuckles, smelling of alcohol. Apparently, he had drunkenly fallen and hit his head. The responding officer reports that Stanford threatened,

“If you don’t treat me right, my people will get you.”

“My people” would refer to militant sexual deviants, who have used crybully tactics to establish themselves as more equal than the other animals.

Hate hoaxes do more than exert power on behalf of identity groups. They can also turn a nice profit. Stanford wasn’t in the hospital long enough for police to give him belongings he lost during the incident — and yet:

The GoFundMe page stated that Stanford had suffered a “serious concussion” and would need intensive physical therapy, CT scans and counseling.

A bias crimes unit investigated, but could not substantiate Stanford’s claims. Nonetheless, he raked in about $10,000.

This set off local copycats. One week after Stanford’s drunken stumble,

Jenny Bruso, a self-described fat-queer activist, posted a claim on Facebook and Twitter that echoed Stanford’s harrowing story. She said that her partner, Brie Jones, was attacked by “two young white men” in a maroon SUV who pulled up beside her at a busy intersection, called her a homophobic slur and threw a full can of beer at her face.

Yet no one witnessed the attack.

When Bruso’s post went viral on Facebook and commenters raised questions about the incident, she deleted the post.

According to Portland police, there is no case number for the alleged incident. Bruso hostilely rejected attempts to learn more.

Portland became awash in transphobic hate crimes:

[T]he number of alleged hate attacks ballooned through uncorroborated and vague online rumors. These stories were then amplified by progressive media, nonprofit groups, businesses and politicians.

Militant deviants and their allies exploited the wave of fake violence to work themselves into a lather of belligerent victimhood. The Proud Boys were blamed for imaginary attacks that were not reported to police, yet included kidnapping and murder

“These are the faces of the attackers that have been terrorizing the queer/trans community lately. If you see any of these faces in public, hit them with a brick, because the police don’t do anything to stop it,” read one widely shared post on Instagram. It included a group photo of the men and names.

This constitutes incitement to violence. Artificially posing as a victim is an increasingly aggressive act these days.

Mayor/Police Commissioner Ted Wheeler, the Democratic Socialists of America, and the Portland Mercury all took part in spreading or amplifying the torrent of hoaxes.

Those who spread the rumors were cheered for bringing “awareness” to LGBT issues. Lost in all this was any concern for the people victimized in the process.

These include the falsely accused Robert Zerfing, who has been inundated with death threats.

Hate hoaxes are characterized by “lack of evidence, reluctance to cooperate with police, sensational claims, the presence of fundraising and the involvement of radical activists.” These hallmark features were conspicuous during Portland hate hoax mania.

Please welcome Sophia Gabrielle Stanford and Jenny Bruso to the Hate Hoax List. They are to be congratulated for raising awareness — that is, awareness that moonbattery is a lie.

On a tip from rpp618.

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