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Jun 01 2021

Construction Cable With American Flag Denounced as Noose

If garage door pulls and discarded parts of swing sets can be declared nooses so as to prop up the phony critical race theory narrative, why not a steel loop in a construction cable?

The College Fix reports:

A construction company building a parking structure at Central Connecticut State University had hoisted an American flag at the end of one of its steel cable loops to mark Memorial Day — but a complaint that the cable was a noose prompted campus officials to apologize and pledge to take down the cable as soon as possible.

The proximity to Old Glory — flag of a systemically racist nation — must have clued in social justice warriors that the loop in the cable was actually a noose. Nooses and things that vaguely resemble nooses can have but one purpose: to oppress blacks.

CCSU President Zulma Toro admitted that it was “not a noose but a standard steel cable loop hanging from a crane.” Being an educrat, she denounced it as racist anyway.

“Quite frankly, I think it is reckless and tone deaf behavior,” Toro [squawked] in her email to the campus. “We have been in contact with the construction company and demanded that the cable be lowered tonight. We have a team on site tonight monitoring the situation.”

Media attention quickly stoked the loop in the cable into a crisis. On Sunday morning, as the cable continued to traumatize sacred persons of oppressedness,

[A] beleaguered-looking campus administrator, interim Vice President for Student Affairs John Tully, explained to a local news television station that it was difficult to find someone who could safely operate the crane at such short notice on a holiday weekend to get the cable loop down.

They should have contacted Lloyd Austin. Given the politics and priorities of our moonbat Secretary of Defense, he would have called in an air strike.

Professional crybullies of color were quick to capitalize:

Ronald Davis, president of the New Britain NAACP, told FOX 61 that “Regardless of what someone else says about that, what I see, as a black man? That’s a noose. Period. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. Take it down.”

NAACP militants don’t worry about beclowning themselves. Not even their most moronic paranoid delusions could make them look half as ridiculous as the cringing white liberals who scurry to obey their commands.

There are actually several cables hanging from the crane that terminate in loops, but apparently only the cable with the American flag on it triggers snowflakes.

On a tip from Wiggins.

May 27 2021

Sign Reserves Right to Refuse Service to White People

Imitating the leftist practice of rioting didn’t turn out well at the Capitol, but now a countermoonbat may have engaged in another liberal tradition: the hate hoax. However, it’s more likely that this incident in Missouri was just a prank:

Police in Lake St. Louis are investigating a sign that was posted in the drive-thru lane of a Popeyes restaurant near Highway N and Highway 64/40. …

The sign said, “Effective 6-1-21 this restaurant is under new management and will reserve the right to refuse service to white people. We apologize for any inconvenience. Signed, general manager, Mason.”

Thanks to the Civil Rights Act, restaurants cannot refuse service based on race. Presumably this applies even to disfavored Caucasians. On the surface, this seems like a good thing, but the cost was stratospheric; we abandoned the fundamental right of freedom of association. It should be up to restaurant owners and their customers, not the federal government, who eats at a given restaurant.

The manager of the restaurant told News 4 that the restaurant had to close Wednesday because of the backlash over the sign. He said surveillance video confirmed that the person who put up the sign was not an employee.

Even with the restaurant closed, there was traffic in the drive-through lane, as thrill-seekers tried to get a glimpse of the sign for themselves, the way they might line up to catch sight of a two-headed calf.

No business would put up such a sign — not so much because of the misguided and tyrannical Civil Rights Act, but because it would drive away business. But then, not many whites eat at Popeyes anyway.

On tips from Wiggins and Grumpy Cat.

May 26 2021

Racist Attack on Black-Owned Auto Shop

Sociopaths have repeatedly targeted an auto shop in Spring Lake, North Carolina, stealing a car, senselessly smashing the windows of others, and leaving racist graffiti referencing Nazis and the KKK.

Dwyane Haynesworth, the black owner of the shop, installed security cameras. Within 24 hours the vandals were back to inflict more damage. No one will be surprised to learn that the culprits are black too.

By now, police must know to narrow down their list of suspects whenever racist graffiti is left at the scene of a crime. That doesn’t fit the modus operandi of Caucasians.

Leftists who demonize and attempt to defund or otherwise hamstring the police are not siding against whites in favor of blacks, despite the way the liberal establishment frames it. They are siding against Dwyane Haynesworth in favor of punks who pointlessly destroy other people’s property.

On tips from R F, Troy H, and Chris Neilson.

May 23 2021

Hate Hoax in White Bear Lake, Minnesota

Hate hoaxes are even more prevalent than we know, because they frequently happen in a school setting, where the liberals in charge are likely to shield them from exposure. For example, educrats at a high school in White Bear Lake, just north of St Paul, were not eager to reveal that an Instagram account churning out hate speech has been traced to a black girl.

The College Fix reports:

The school district had only referred to her as a “young person” and originally said that the incident appeared to be a “hoax” but walked back from that statement.

But the police reports, obtained by The College Fix through a public records act request, state that the student who created the account is a member of the Black Excellence Club.

At first, she denied to the police that she had created the account. But then she admitted it.

Police could not confirm that she is also the one who sent the racist messages, which included telling a group of black girls to “Die Nigger,” among other things. However, using tech forensics, police determined that the messages were sent from the girl’s home IP address, according to police reports.

Despite apparently lying to the police and wasting their time (and therefore our money; the FBI was brought in),

The girl will not face any criminal charges for the hate-crime hoax.

There rarely are. That’s why we have so many hate hoaxes. As she is a minor, her identity has been withheld — unless she’s Precious Boahen:

Precious Boahen has been identified by media outlets as making an accusation that the account was created by a white conservative student at the high school named Avery Severson.

Avery has been trying to establish a Turning Point USA group at the school, but administrators won’t allow it, whereas of course they allow black supremacist groups like the Black Excellence Club. Given the level of racist violence that prevails in the Minneapolis/St Paul area, the false accusation might have gotten her killed.

On a tip from R F.

May 06 2021

Mikayla Miller: Probable Fabricated Lynching

Mikayla Miller, age 16, was found dead last April 18 in Hopkinton, Massachusetts, apparently of suicide. Authorities originally stated that the death was not suspicious. However, because she scored an intersectional twofer by being both black and “a member of the LGBTQIA community,” authorities are now dutifully searching for some indication that she was lynched, which would be of enormous propaganda value to leftists.

The mob has seized on reports that she was in a tiff with her girlfriend and other teens the night before her body was found. At last word, Middlesex County District Attorney Marian Ryan had found no evidence that the altercation had anything to do with race, much less that she had been murdered. The teens were of “a variety of races” according to Ryan, who reveals that “cellphone data and other digital evidence” confirm that these teens were not present where the body was found.

But as we know from the immolation of Derek Chauvin, facts are irrelevant unless they support The Narrative.

Given the climate the liberal establishment has created by backing Black Lives Matter, hyping her death as a racist/homophobic lynching could easily result in violence. Big League Politics is right to be enraged:

Leftist conspiracy theorists have used this tragedy to cause further division. They are posting blatantly fake news permitted by Twitter about the incident to whip more Black Lives Matter terrorists into frenzies of racial hatred.

The same Twitter that censored the President of the USA for political reasons, and censored the New York Post for reporting a bombshell story that might have stopped Biden, allows tweets like these:

Maybe Mikayla Miller really was murdered, unlikely as it seems. But in the absence of evidence, exploiting her death to incite the mob constitutes a hate hoax.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.

May 02 2021

Imaginary Noose Menaces Black Professors

Just as Bubba Wallace was beginning to recover from the trauma of seeing a noose pretending to be a garage door pull, another racist noose has been discovered. This time the victims are two black professors at Penn State University. They are too intelligent and highly educated to be fooled by a noose posing as a random piece of rope that had been thrown into a tree.

The College Fix reports:

As reported by the PSU student newspaper Daily Collegian, the professors said the incident was “deeply distressing to them and their family.”

As Persons of Oppressedness, they are the center of the universe, so naturally they assumed that the noose had been “deliberately placed [on the tree] to harass them.”

Penn State President Eric Barron was quick to “express concern and offer support.”

Naturally, the police were called in to investigate.

Alas, according to the professors’ neighbor who was interviewed by police, the “noose” actually was part of a swing set. The neighbors’ kid told police he merely had thrown the rope “into the woods.”

Showcasing the systemic racism that characterizes local law enforcement, Patton, Pennsylvania police chief Tyler Jolley found that there was no malice and no crime had occurred. A kid threw a rope and it happened to land on a tree branch, end of story.

Jolley obviously requires indoctrination in critical race theory. It doesn’t matter that there was no racist intent. The black professors felt themselves to be oppressed by the rope; therefore, the rope is racist. The tree is racist too, and should be chopped down at once in the name of racial justice.

On a tip from R F.

Apr 27 2021

Hate Hoax at Adelphi University

There continue to be so many hate hoaxes that this one almost slipped past. It was launched from an Instagram account at Adelphi University in Long Island:

Black at AU — an account that seeks to “discuss the institutional racism at Adelphi university” — sounded the alarm that students had been targeted with racially motivated threats.

“ALERT!! Students are threatening to lynch Black students in retaliation to this page,” read the post. “Students addresses have been posted. Be safe.”

Adelphi President Christine Riordan chimed in that “Ignorance, racism, hate and violence hold no place in the Adelphi community, yet those things keep happening here,” which is doubtful but complies with the liberal narrative.

Shrieked Ms. Riordan:

“We know there is no place at Adelphi for inexcusable messages of white supremacy and anti-Blackness, but such racist attacks are a stark reminder of the work we need to do to combat systemic inequality and ongoing racism in our very own community.”

You don’t get to be a college president these days without spouting this corrosive duckspeak whenever the correct button is pushed.

Educrats avidly searched for evidence that racism had actually occurred, begging the public for help. Nothing.

Nevertheless, the university enlisted “an external cyber/digital forensic firm to add to the police investigations.”

“After an investigation this week by public safety and the Garden City police, we do not currently have any substantiated claims or specific examples of threats of racially motivated violence or harm to our community members. We do not have any names of people perpetuating these crimes,” the university said in a statement.

In short, Black at AU are hoaxers, and Christine Riordan is a fraud. But at least they helped raise awareness of the nonexistent black oppression problem.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.

Apr 26 2021

Hate Hoax Arson at Viterbo University

Our new national ideology, critical race theory, is so phony that most of the evidence supporting it consists of hate hoaxes. These have escalated to the point they could get people killed. Wisconsin’s La Crosse Tribune provides an example:

A Viterbo University student who said she was a victim of two recent racist incidents on campus has been accused of starting a fire in a residence hall April 18 and framing it as a hate crime.

Victoria C. Unanka was released on a signature bond [last] Monday after La Crosse police arrested her for arson and negligent handling of burning materials.

It would be reasonable to assume that Victoria’s earlier brushes with racism were also hoaxes.

Every hate hoax is investigated with the seriousness of a murder. Once again this proved to be the undoing of the hoaxer:

A La Crosse Police Department report says Unanka was identified on surveillance video that had recently been installed after reports of racist and threatening graffiti.

After starting the fire in the middle of the night,

Unanka frantically knocked on multiple residents’ doors and pulled a fire alarm. When police arrived at the scene, several students were discussing concerns that the fire was another hate crime incident.

A residential adviser told police that Unanka texted a friend that she was potentially a victim of another hate crime because the fire was started next to her dorm room.

When her initial version of events was contradicted by the video, she admitted to purposefully starting the fire.

Fortunately, no one was hurt.

Unanka reportedly told police she was frustrated that “no one was listening to me anymore.”

For members of the ruling class’s favorite oppressed identity group, there is one sure way to get attention: be a victim of racism.

It had worked for her before. A campus protest was inspired by illiterate graffiti such as “Your ugly black girl I’m not joking.”

According to an organizer,

“Two times in a row her door was vandalized with some really hateful speech, telling her to leave the campus, that she wasn’t welcome here, that she was ugly based off the color of her skin.”

Several hundred turned out to take a bold stand against racism. No doubt some of these same people might have been killed had the fire not been contained. But we aren’t likely to see any protests against hate hoaxers setting dorms on fire.

On a tip from Brian Brandt. Hat tip: Western Journal.

Apr 20 2021

Al Sharpton in Minneapolis

Before Al Sharpton could become rich and powerful, first he had to become famous. This he accomplished through the mother of all hate hoaxes. Discover the Networks takes us back to November 1987…

…when he injected himself into the case of a 15-year-old black girl named Tawana Brawley, who claimed that she had been abducted and raped by a gang of six whites in Dutchess County, New York. Despite a complete absence of any credible evidence to support Miss Brawley’s story, Sharpton assumed the role of special adviser to the girl…

Lamenting that their client had fallen prey to “certain elements that have constantly antagonized the black community, including the Ku Klux Klan and law-enforcement personnel,” Sharpton and the Brawley lawyers demanded that New York Governor Mario Cuomo appoint a special prosecutor to the case and publicly charged that “high-level” local law-enforcement officials were involved in the crime—an allegation that led to numerous death threats against members of the Dutchess County police department.

The case was a farce from the beginning. Brawley refused to speak with investigators.

Then at a March 1988 news conference, Sharpton and the attorneys fingered Stephen Pagones, Dutchess County’s assistant district attorney, as one of their client’s attackers.

There was no evidence against Pagones or anyone else. It was a circus. Head clown Sharpton denounced those who questioned his absurd allegations as racist.

In June 1988, a Sharpton aide named Perry McKinnon stepped forward to make a remarkable series of disclosures. A former police officer, private investigator, and director of security at a Brooklyn Hospital, McKinnon revealed that: “Sharpton acknowledged to me early on that ‘The [Brawley] story do sound like bull—t, but it don’t matter. We’re building a movement. This is the perfect issue. Because you’ve got whites on blacks. That’s an easy way to stir up all the deprived people, who would want to believe and who would believe—and all [you’ve] got to do is convince them—that all white people are bad. Then you’ve got a movement.” Explaining that Sharpton was methodically “building an atmosphere” for a race war, McKinnon continued: “Sharpton told me it don’t matter whether any whites did it or not. Something happened to her…even if Tawana done it to herself.” To prove his truthfulness, McKinnon submitted to a lie-detector test administered on camera and passed all questions.

The grand jury’s findings were conclusive. It was all a hoax. But Sharpton kept milking it, even proclaiming that Stephen Pagones had privately confessed. He also alleged that Brawley had been victimized by a “white supremist [sic] cult ritual.”

Pagones sued him for defamation. After 10 years of death threats and misery, he prevailed in court. Sharpton was supposed to pay him $65,000, but being above the law, never did. Eventually Sharpton’s supporters paid the debt.

The unapologetic Sharpton went on to become the moral avatar of the Democrat Party. No one is considered as a Democrat presidential candidate without slobbering on his ring.

If the Tawana Brawley hoax had taken place in 2021, Pagones would have been found guilty — not because anyone believed Brawley or Sharpton, but so as to prevent savages from rioting.

Sharpton arrived in Minneapolis yesterday to stamp his imprimatur upon the spectacle unfolding there. Watch him setting off:

Is Derek Chauvin criminally responsible for the death of George Floyd beyond a reasonable doubt? Not likely. But that doesn’t matter to Al Sharpton or anyone else in the liberal lynch mob.

On a tip from Henry.

Apr 16 2021

Hate Hoax at Minnesota School

According to the media, the racist white police are on the rampage against Persons of Color in the Minneapolis area, killing them merely for the color of the skin. Yet some still feel the need to perpetrate hate hoaxes, presumably to prop up the oppression narrative.


The superintendent for White Bear Lake Area Schools says racist and threatening messages sent to students of color over social media were a hoax.

Superintendent Wayne Kazmierczak says the student responsible “poses no threat to our students of color.” From his statement issued Monday night:

Over the last week, we have worked with the FBI and local law enforcement, who investigated the racist, hateful, and threatening messages that were sent to several of our students of color from an anonymous Instagram account. The messages have caused great pain to our students and caused a material and substantial disruption in our school.

They literally make a federal case out of cases of alleged racism. This has proved to be the undoing of many a hoaxer.

This afternoon, a young person took responsibility for posting hateful messages on social media. While we are working to learn more about the motives behind this action, we understand that race is at the center of this incident…

We are united in supporting our students in speaking against racism and in support of our students of color over these past few days and will continue to work toward ensuring that White Bear Lake Area Schools is a community that advances racial equity and inclusion. We know from listening to our students that our continued and sustained commitment to educational equity is a critical part of how we achieve our stated district mission and close gaps that currently exist in our student outcome measures.

In other words, our official ideology was once again demonstrated to be fraudulent, so we will double down on it by imposing equality of outcome.

As noted at Legal Insurrection,

Officials said a young person took responsibility, but never mentioned the person’s race.

That’s how we know it was a hoax. If race is relevant but not specified, that means the culprit is black.

Apr 09 2021

Hate Hoax at Albion College

Even now that proponents of their ideology control every significant lever of power, moonbats continue to feel compelled to prop up that ideology with hoaxes. In Michigan, racist graffiti was found in an Albion College dorm last weekend; the suspect is a student:

Albion police brought the 21-year-old Black male in for questioning on April 6, according to Chief Scott Kipp. The student admitted to creating most of the graffiti, and video evidence from Albion’s Campus Safety Department confirms the statements made by the student, Kipp said.

Racist graffiti tends to be produced by members of the race targeted. References to the KKK, which exists mainly in the fevered imagination of the woke, give the game away.

The graffiti, which included racist epithets and multiple references to the Klu Klux Klan, was discovered in a stairwell inside Mitchell Towers on Friday, April 2, university officials said. Pictures of the graffiti were posted by City Watch NEWS Group on its Facebook page.

The revelation that it was yet another hoax is likely to get less prominent news coverage. Moonbats keep on and on with the hoaxes because hoaxes will continue to work so long as likeminded liberals control the media and the schools.

Sympathetic educrats provided the predictable spin:

“We know the acts of racism that have occurred this week are not about one particular person or one particular incident. We know that there is a significant history of racial pain and trauma on campus and we are taking action to repair our community,” college officials tweeted. “We will change and heal together as a community, because we are committed to doing the work.”

Imagine how quickly an educrat would get canceled for tweeting something honest, such as, “Yet again we see that racial oppression is fabricated for nefarious reasons and that the liberal race narrative is based on lies.”

On tips from Chris Neilson, ABC of the ANC, and Steve S.

Mar 16 2021

Apparent Hate Hoax in the NBA

At this point, politically correct ideologues control every institution, from schools to entertainment to the news media to major corporations to the federal government to the military to sports. To belong to one of their favored identity groups is to win life’s lottery. One means of implementing the privilege bestowed is to engage in hate hoaxes.

Here’s a likely one from what you might call the throne of black privilege, LeBron James’s NBA:

On Feb. 24, former [Utah] Jazz player Elijah Millsap tweeted that then-GM [now president of basketball operations Dennis] Lindsey had told him “if u say one more word, I’ll cut your Black a** and send you back to Louisiana” during an end-of-season exit interview in 2015. Millsap’s allegation then triggered a league investigation.

In a sane country, Millsap’s implausible allegation would have been dismissed with eyerolls. Under moonbat rule, Lindsey was subjected to the elaborate investigation, which unsurprisingly found nothing.

Whether he keeps his job depends on whether the “oppressed” want to force the issue. At the very least, he has been issued a warning to behave with maximum obsequiousness in the future.

According to a statement by the Jazz:

”For more than 25 years, Dennis Lindsey has been a respected basketball executive around the NBA and a leading voice on social justice within our organization and community.”

Let that be a lesson. Be a “leading voice on social justice” and you may survive an allegation. Show a lack of enthusiasm for cultural Marxism and you probably won’t.

Apparently, Millsap was angry about not getting a contract extension and felt the Jazz had spoken poorly of him after he left the team.

On a tip from Bluto.

Mar 11 2021

Hate Hoax Results in Beheading

Remember Samuel Paty, the French teacher who was beheaded after showing a Charlie Hebdo cartoon while teaching about freedom of expression? Looks like he paid the ultimate price for a hate hoax:

[A] 13-year-old pupil, whose father started a hate campaign against Samuel Paty by filing a legal complaint, says she lied to please her father, and she was not even at the class in which the teacher was alleged to have shown a caricature of the Prophet Muhammad.

The girl, who has not been identified, had originally claimed that Mr Paty had asked Muslim pupils to leave the class before he showed “a photograph of the Prophet naked” to children during a class on free speech.

Now we hear from her lawyer Mbeko Tabula that she was not even at school that day.

Paty’s supposed blasphemy produced the customary explosion of homicidal fury among Muslim colonists. It climaxed with Abdullakh Anzorov cutting off his head.

Here’s why she told the lie that got Paty decapitated:

Le Parisien reported that the girl wanted to prevent her father from knowing that she had been suspended for failing to attend the lessons.

So she told Papa that she was suspended for objecting to the teacher showing prophet porn of the naked Mohammad. The father took it from there, launching a jihad that ended Paty’s life.

That such a story would be believed provides insight into the mentality of the Islamic colonies in France. It must be almost as ferociously hysterical as the mentality of American liberals who choose to believe the comparably absurd hate hoaxes perpetuated by members of privileged identity groups, like Jussie Smollett and Bubba Wallace.

On a tip from Dragon’s Lair.

Feb 27 2021

Matt Christiansen on the Smith College Hate Hoax

Hate crimes are a major component of the liberal narrative. Like the rest of the narrative, this component is a lie. Despite the large number of hate hoaxes, the number of reported hate crimes has actually been going down.

Matt Christiansen lifts the lid on the phony hate crime phenomenon, with a focus on the absurd spectacle at outlandishly expensive Smith College:

Despite the privileged Oumou Kanoute’s lies being both easily debunked and malicious, despite nothing of significance having happened even had she been telling the truth, educrats and other liberal establishmentarians exploited the farce to ruin lives and inflict their pernicious ideology.

Meanwhile, as we are commanded to regard Oumou Kanoute as oppressed by racism, white students are openly regarded as an “invasive species” on college campuses.

On tips from KirklesWorth and Dragon’s Lair.

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