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Dec 02 2019

Dean of Science at the University of Technology Sydney Arrested for Hoax

Hate hoaxers are advised not to ply their trade in Australia. Turns out you can actually get in trouble for it there, even if you are the Dean of Science at the University of Technology Sydney, as environmental chemist and toxicologist Dianne Jolley has learned.

Professor Jolley was apparently less than jolly about a degree program in Chinese medicine getting canceled. In protest, she wrote herself some threatening letters and reported clothes stolen from her backyard.

Via Stuff:

As a result of the claimed harassment, significant security measures were implemented on Professor Jolley’s behalf and an investigation was launched by officers from Sydney City police.

On November 15 Professor Jolley was arrested at the UTS campus and charged with obtaining a financial advantage by deception, giving false information about a person or property in danger, and making false representations resulting in a police investigation.

Good thing for Jussie Smollett they don’t treat hoaxers that way in Chicago.

Please welcome Dianne Jolley to the Hate Hoax List.

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Nov 22 2019

White Supremacist Manifesto Hoax at Syracuse University

Rumor had it that students at Syracuse University were subjected to politically horrific thoughts via AirDrop, an Apple feature for sharing documents. This has been debunked as yet another hate hoax.


“To date, law enforcement has not been able to locate a single individual who directly received an AirDrop. Not one,” [SU Chancellor Kent] Syverud said. “It was apparent that this rumor was probably a hoax, but that reality was not communicated clearly and rapidly enough to get ahead of escalating anxiety.”

The material supposedly AirDropped was the anti–mass immigration manifesto written by Brenton Tarrant, who did severe harm to his own cause by wigging out and shooting up mosques in New Zealand.

The close proximity needed for an AirDrop attempted transfer frightened some people, [Syverud] said. He acknowledged the university was delayed and unprepared to respond to this cyberattack, which caused students to panic.

It doesn’t take much to panic students these days. This provides another motive for hate hoaxes — watching snowflakes melt down.

The laughs will stop if the police find someone the educrats can pin the hoaxing on. Hoaxers of this type won’t be given a pass for having helped “raise awareness.”

On a tip from Dragon’s Lair.

Nov 22 2019

Myles Garrett of Cleveland Browns Joins Hate Hoax List

Myles Garrett, the savage who ripped off Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph’s helmet and beat him on the head with it, has attempted to escape the consequences for his behavior with an accusation so predictable and yet so preposterous that it lands him immediately on the Hate Hoax List with other faux victims of racism. Garrett says the felonious assault for which he should be not only suspended but imprisoned was justified because Rudolph called him a racial slur.

Surely impalement on the stake would be no worse than Rudolph deserves, according to the prevailing mentality, if he really had uttered the forbidden N-word. The likelihood of him doing so during an NFL game, given that the overwhelming majority of players are black, approaches zero.

Even the NFL, infamous for pandering obsequiously to allegedly oppressed crybullies of color, appears to agree:

Garrett’s indefinite suspension was upheld, the league announced on Thursday. And NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy said later on Thursday that the league “found no such evidence” that Rudolph hurled a racial slur at Garrett.

The allegation comes as a big surprise to Garrett’s Cleveland Browns teammates. Apparently, it took him several days to think of it. Defensive ends are fast and strong, but not necessarily very intelligent.

Despite enjoying the privilege of making millions of dollars to play a game a few months of the year, Myles Garrett is not the first NFL player to join the Hate Hoax List by faking racist oppression. Michael Bennett welcomes him aboard.

On tips from Heckrules and Troy H.

Nov 17 2019 Joins Hate Hoax List

Weaponizing victimhood is easy for the rich and famous. Pop singer “” of the Black Eyed Peas was so belligerent toward a Qantas stewardess that he found himself greeted by the police when he arrived in Sydney. He took revenge by denouncing the stewardess as a racist to his Twitter following — by name.

Entertainment reporter Peter Ford gasped,

“Some of your many millions of followers have already started abusing this woman. … Do you understand the intimidation and abuse you are subjecting this woman to with your post?”

The crybully responded that he is a victim who was intimidated by the police, so he will crush whomever he pleases. After all, he’s doing it for The People.

“I FELT discrimination…and I spoke for all the other people who are voiceless.”

The stewardess he named and then sicced his fan base on really is voiceless. But she isn’t a powerful victim like “,” so who cares about her?

For claiming racial oppression in order to hurt someone, earns a slot on the Hate Hoax List.

On a tip from Dragon’s Lair.

Nov 15 2019

Somali Hate Hoaxer in Finland

Somali colonists who feel they are not treated with sufficiently obsequious deference by their Scandinavian hosts can resort to a tried and true method for the “oppressed” to assert their dominance: the hate hoax.

Via Breitbart:

Abdirahim “Husu” Hussein, a Somalian immigrant and left-wing politician in Helsinki, retracted his fictitious account of experiencing racist verbal abuse from a passenger in his taxi after the taxi company found that GPS data from the cab tracker refuted his claims. …

A little over a week ago Husu took to twitter in order to garner sympathy for an ‘incident’ in which a passenger in his taxi had allegedly told him to “go back to Somalia”, prompting Hussein to kick the man out of his cab.

Once again, a hoaxer is exposed by the extreme seriousness with which everyone takes their often trivial allegations. Taksi Helsinki launched an investigation and found that Husu was lying.

However, Husu is not about to relinquish his precious oppression that easily.

“Here’s the whole point left out: taxi drivers with foreign backgrounds are being subjected to constant racist harassment,” Hussein said.

So constant that he had to invent an incident of someone telling him to go back to Somalia.

Husu is not new at playing the race card. “All Finns Party members and their voters/supporters are racist,” he barked on Twitter.

Nor is he new at fraud:

[Wednesday] it was revealed that Mr Hussein had failed to notify the Social Democrat Party of his prior convictions for fraud, being fined three times in the 2000s for misrepresenting his employment status to enrich himself at taxpayer expense to the tune of over €10,000.

Somalia is not a hellscape due to bad luck. It is the way it is because of its population. Its cancer is metastasizing in the form of colonists like Abdirahim “Husu” Hussein.

But it isn’t as if Husu has no contribution to make to Western Civilization. He just made the Hate Hoax List one name longer.

Nov 08 2019

PewDiePie Debunks Okay Sign as Hate Symbol

The long-familiar okay sign has been proclaimed a symbol of hate by the Anti-Defamation League. Someone got Gru from Despicable Me fired over it. A Chicago school blew $54,000 to purge a yearbook of the okay sign. A Cubs fan was indefinitely banned from Wrigley Field for making it. A member of the US Coast Guard was relieved of his duties for the same thought crime.

The okay sign as a symbol of white power is a hate hoax. PewDiePie debunks it:

Fun as it is to send hysterical liberals on wild goose chases looking for white supremacists, the game will stop being funny when some 4chan prankster gets the idea of pretending that beer is racist and it is subsequently banned.

On a tip from Kate P.

Oct 03 2019

That Didn’t Age Well: Hate Hoaxes

Zeducation covers five recent hate hoaxes, showcasing the appalling irresponsibility of left-wing propagandists like those at the New York Times:

On a tip from KirklesWorth.

Oct 03 2019

Amari Allen Hate Hoax Reveals Media Rot

Hate hoaxes get traction in the willfully gullible media because they advance the media’s progressive agenda. The recent Amari Allen hate hoax is a case in point.

The first to report on the tear-jerking tale of 12-year-old Amari having her dreadlocks cut off by racist white boys at a private Christian school where Mike Pence’s wife happens to teach was local DC reporter Mikea Turner. She had previously advocated for laws (like they now have in California) protecting dreadlocks from discrimination — i.e., granting special legal status to the blacks who wear them (making them more difficult to fire or fail to hire and promote, etc.).

From the Daily Caller:

The reporter also used the claims by the Virginia girl’s family — which runs a “natural” cosmetics company that the reporter has previously promoted on air — as justification for the laws.

That sounds about as up and up as a Democrat impeachment inquiry. Fortunately for Mikea Turner, journalistic integrity has given way to leftist advocacy, so her ideologically driven corruption may have no negative impact on her career.

This gives an idea of the viciousness behind the hate hoax phenomenon:

Turner ran two segments with Amari and her family on Sept. 29. In the first, she questioned why the school had not finished its investigation and punished the students.

“You found out on Wednesday and notified the school almost immediately. They told you they’re not going to notify you about disciplinary action until Monday. How do you feel about having to wait that long?” she said.

“Devastated,” [Amari’s grandmother] Cynthia replied.

No doubt seeing the innocent 6th-grade boys lynched would have brought satisfied smiles. Thankfully, surveillance video debunked the hoax and prevented their futures from being ruined.

The family embarked on a media tour to promote Amari’s fictional oppression. It would have sent sales of their “Still Natural” cosmetics through the roof. Now that the hoax has been revealed, Mikea Turner’s WUSA, a CBS affiliate, has “deleted all articles and video about the story” according to the Daily Caller, and will not mention Amari’s name.

On a tip from Kate P.

Oct 02 2019

Rashid Tlaib, Hate Hoaxer

Squad member Rashida Tlaib, who succinctly summarized the Democrat Party platform when she screeched “Impeach the m******f******” prior to the current pretext for impeachment, is a master at promoting and exploiting hate hoaxes. The Washington Free Beacon notes that she has climbed aboard at least four hoaxes so far this year without issuing corrections after the hoaxes collapsed.

The most recent example is the Amari Allen hoax, which inspired this tweet:

Big Boss tweeted an apology in light of Amari admitting that she invented her allegations. There has been no apology from Tlaib, most of whose followers probably don’t know that it was a hoax.

Other times Tlaib promoted a hoax and then refused to acknowledge that it had been debunked according to WFB include the Covington Catholic spectacle, the Jussie Smollett farce, and the appalling story of black Georgia lawmaker Erica Thomas, who invented an incident of racial oppression at a grocery store.

Exploiting hate hoaxes and irresponsibly refusing to acknowledge that they have been debunked makes Rashida Tlaib a hate hoaxer herself, in addition to an overall nasty piece of work. Please welcome this Democrat congresscritter to the Hate Hoax List.

Sep 30 2019

Amari Allen: Haircut Hate Hoax

What astute readers suspected from the beginning has been confirmed. Twelve-year-old allegedly oppressed person of politically preferred pigmentation Amari Allen was hoaxing when she claimed that she got a racist haircut from white kids at a pricey private school where Karen Pence teaches twice a week. To the surprise of only the most clueless liberal true believers, she now admits she made it up:

A sixth-grade girl at Immanuel Christian School in Springfield, Virginia, said three white classmates ambushed her on the playground last week and used scissors to cut off some of her dreadlocks while telling her her hair was “nappy” and “ugly.” …

The girl maintains she has been the victim of bullying, her family’s attorney said.

Hate hoaxers are the real bullies. Given how the liberal establishment treats underaged accused thought criminals, the boys she accused could have had their lives destroyed.

“To those young boys and their parents, we sincerely apologize for the pain and anxiety these allegations have caused,” the family said in a statement.

They are apologizing because security video made it obvious that Amari was lying. If not for the video, they might be getting feted by MSNBC and CNN; the boys would face expulsion and a scarlet R for Racist tattooed across their futures.

Here’s how the story looked last week:

Amari Allen said she has never been more traumatized in her life until Monday when she said a group of white male classmates attacked her on the playground at Immanuel Christian School, a private K-12 school, in Fairfax, Virginia.

Amari tells WUSA9 that one boy covered her mouth and the second boy put her hands behind her back, while the third boy pulled out scissors and cut her medium-length locks while calling her names.

The mouth covering might have been lifted from Christine Blasey Ford’s hoax.

“They kept laughing and calling me names,” Amari said, as tears poured down her face. “They called me ‘ugly,’ said, ‘I shouldn’t have been born.’ They called me ‘an attention-seeker.'”

An attention seeker. Give her credit for self-awareness.

Yet again we see that if a story is too good to be true from the point of view of those who would like to believe in the liberal narrative, that’s because it is not true.

Please welcome Amari Allen to the Hate Hoax List.

On tips from WDS, Heckrules, Sean C, Dragon’s Lair, and Pegon Zellschmidt.

Sep 30 2019

Seth Dunlap $1.8 Million Hate Hoax

Hate hoaxes are about more than trying to prop up the fictitious liberal narrative. They are also about cold hard cash. Talk show host Seth Dunlap set his sights on the big bucks:

WWL Radio officials believe the homophobic slur tweeted from the station’s official account to talk show host Seth Dunlap earlier this month was sent from Dunlap’s personal cellphone, according to a New Orleans Police Department report.

The station also has accused Dunlap, who is 35 and openly gay, of threatening the station that he would go “scorched earth” over the tweet and demanding more than $1.8 million in compensation while he was facing personal financial troubles…

Dunlap had been whining publicly about how tough it is to be a privileged person of preferred sexual orientation working in the overwhelmingly left-wing sports media. In the offensive tweet, he evidently called himself a “fag.”

These days, it pays to be gay. But $1.8 million is getting just a little greedy, even for sacred members of The Oppressed.

Hate hoaxers normally skate free, getting a wink and a nod for helping to “raise awareness” regarding nonexistent problems. Dunlap might not be so lucky. If found guilty of extortion, he could get 15 years in prison. But at least he made it onto the Hate Hoax List.

On a tip from R F.

Sep 26 2019

Ronald Davis Hate Hoax

The ultimate hate hoaxer is the liberal media. It will rarely miss an opportunity to twist events to fit the “good blacks oppressed by bad whites” narrative. Here’s how Fight Back News describes the timely demise of Ronald Davis in St Paul this past September 17:

31-year-old Ronald Davis was a father, recently married, and had just graduated school. After allegedly bumping his vehicle into the back of a cop car, he stepped out of his vehicle and [St Paul police officer Steven] Mattson gunned him down.

Fortunately, civilization can push back with photographic evidence. Here’s what Davis’s car looked like after “allegedly bumping” (i.e., ramming) into the police car.

There was a tearful vigil for the sainted Davis, which “took to the streets, blocking traffic and light rail, chanting loudly all the way, to the location where the cop killed Ronald.” Mourners were told that Davis “was a very respectful, kind person” and that he “wasn’t an aggressive person.”

Here’s a bodycam still of the respectful, kind, and nonaggressive Ronald Davis charging Officer Mattson. That is a knife in his right hand and Mattson’s dropped flashlight in his left.

The bodycam footage makes crystal clear that Davis attempted to murder Mattson and was shot in self-defense…

…so the liberal press ignores or discredits the bodycam footage.

It isn’t just fringe propaganda outlets like Fight Back News. The New York Times sings from the same hymnal, covering the story under the headline “Activists Unconvinced by St. Paul Bodycam Video.” The piece lamely attempts to cast doubt on both the video and the existence of a knife in Davis’s hand.

The motives for Davis’s maniacal assault are unknown, but it seems likely that he was ginned up by the same sort of propaganda the press created out of his death. Thanks to the liberal narrative, police have to work with targets painted on them.

The entire liberal media belongs on the Hate Hoax List.

As for those tearfully mourning Davis’s passing, they can rest assured that he did not die for nothing. He served as a reminder to the rest of us of how much we need firearms and police officers.

Hat tip: Legal Insurrection.

Sep 14 2019

Edawn Coughman Makes Hate Hoax List

Although he was signed by eight different teams, Edawn Coughman never played during the regular season in the NFL. He failed to get himself listed in the NFL Player Arrests database. But at least he made the Hate Hoax List.

On September 11, police received a report of a burglary in progress at Create and Bake Pizzeria and Coughman’s Creamery, adjoining businesses owned by Coughman in Lawrenceville, Georgia. They arrived in time to catch him driving off in a black Silverado with no license plate, wearing gloves and a hoodie despite the hot weather.

WXIA reports:

Several televisions, still attached to their brackets and pieces of drywall, were found in the bed of the truck.

Other officers were checking the business and found the back door had yellow pry marks. Inside, the walls were spray-painted with racial slurs [the N-word, monkey], swastikas and “MAGA.” The spray paint was still wet.

This caught Coughman in a lie; he had told them that the business had been vandalized earlier in the day.

After getting a search warrant, officers found black spray paint and a yellow crowbar in Coughman’s truck.

You don’t have to be very bright to get signed in the NFL; it helps not to be, if you want to make the Hate Hoax List. Dimmer still (although possibly willfully dim) are those who gullibly accept the narrative of oppression that these hoaxes are intended either to prop up or to exploit.

Coughman is not the first NFL player to make the Hate Hoax List. Michael Bennett beat him by a couple of years.

On a tip from WDS.

Aug 13 2019

A&I’s Chicken Shack: Hate Hoaxing as Marketing?

The more successful hate hoaxes are never definitively exposed. It would be a shame to deny their perpetrators a coveted spot on the Hate Hoax List. Fortunately, some are so improbable that it seems reasonable to place them on the list on a tentative basis, pending evidence that may never be produced, especially when authorities are not always eager to produce it. An example would be A&I’s Chicken Shack in North Carolina:

Customers at a Siler City restaurant are standing up to racism by filling the tables after the owners received hate mail that included numerous racial slurs this week.

Andre Chaney and Ivan Santos opened A&I’s Chicken Shack about three weeks ago…

Chaney, who is black, said he got an unwelcome greeting in a letter he received Wednesday telling him the restaurant has no place in Siler City.

“You will not make it here. Leave town or we will help you,” the letter, signed “White Nationalists,” concluded.

Apologies to Chaney if any of this is on the level, but signed “White Nationalists”? Please. It would not have been less believable if he had signed his marketing missive “Dastardly Racist Villains.”

The letter included a reference to Making America Great Again and re-electing Trump. If you don’t like Trump, you know where to eat in Siler City, NC.

He posted the letter to social media as a way to speak out against the person or people behind it. The post quickly generated support for A&I’s Chicken Shack from people near and far.

The first lesson of 21st century marketing: convince the public that it can signal politically correct virtue by becoming your customer.

Chatham County Sheriff Mike Roberson says he is “really proud of the community response.”

Roberson’s deputies are investigating the letter to determine who sent it, adding that it could lead to felony charges.

Things could get embarrassing if they investigate too hard. Consider what would have happened to Jussie Smollett if he had not had friends in high places.

On a tip from William B.

Jul 21 2019

Erica Thomas Joins Hate Hoax List

The Squad (aka the Jihad Squad, the Gang of Four, AOC+3) got a great deal of obsequious publicity out of Trump’s tweet that if they hate America so much, they so go back to their ancestral homelands. Georgia democrat lawmaker Erica Thomas apparently decided she wanted a piece of the pie.

Via Townhall:

Georgia State Rep. and Minority Leader Erica Thomas (D) took to Twitter on Saturday, saying a white man called her “a lazy SOB” and that she needed to go back to where she came from because she had too many items in the express lane at the local Publix.

Surely, an experience this traumatic dwarfs the Holocaust. See how Rep Thomas has been reduced to sniveling and blubbering like a 2-year-old:

Bleeding heart liberalism means being ruled by people of this caliber.

Unsurprisingly, it appears her nauseating performance was a lie. The alleged racist who supposedly oppressed her is a Cuban-American Democrat named Eric Sparkes who suffers from Trump derangement syndrome and who had publicly denounced Trump for his controversial tweet regarding the Squad moonbats. This same Trump tweet clearly motivated Thomas’s hoax, as she more or less admits by referencing Ilhan Omar in the video. Sparkes showed up at her press conference to pull the rug out from under her hoax.

There really was an argument over Thomas’s inappropriate use of an express lane, but from there her story is evidently fiction.

Thomas confirmed that she is not to be believed by changing her story, making the allegations vaguer. But like Jussie Smollett, she doggedly continues to insist that she was oppressed by racism.

Tim Pool covers this embarrassing affair and offers a theory as to how a loss of purpose leads to moonbattery, leading in turn to using these disgraceful hate hoaxes to prop up the false ideology of liberalism:

On tips from KirklesWorth and Matt H.

Jul 19 2019

University of Michigan Noose Is Not a Noose

To judge by prevailing rhetoric, nooses were only ever used to oppress innocent Persons of Politically Preferred Pigmentation. That means whenever you see a noose, you have witnessed a hate crime

University of Michigan police are investigating after a noose was found on an employee’s desk at a university hospital.

The university has “taken immediate action” to investigate the incident that occurred Thursday as an act of discrimination and criminal ethnic intimidation, said Dr. Marschall S. Runge, the dean of the University of Michigan Medical School.

…or more likely, a hate hoax. After much tearing of hair and rending of garments, with CNN and the FBI being made aware of the crisis, we read this from U of M’s Division of Public Safety and Security:

Based on multiple witness interviews and other evidence, DPSS does not believe that the incident involving the rope was a hate crime. If relevant new information comes forward, the case will be reopened.

During the investigation, it was learned that a spool of rope utilized for medical procedures was being used by a person on a break to practice tying a “Uni Knot,” which is a type of knot used for fishing.

However, it remains a possibility that the knot was tied by a racist practicing to catch blackfish so as to oppress them.

Although there does not appear to be intent to deceive in this case, hyping a piece of rope that vaguely resembles a noose into a hate crime is so irresponsible as to qualify as a hoax.

The level of delusional hysteria required to produce incidents like this was last seen at the Salem witch trials.

Hat tip: Legal Insurrection.

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