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Dec 01 2023

Forbes Continues to Heap Honors on Dylan Mulvaney

At first, I thought Dylan Mulvaney’s repulsive female impersonator shtick was a particularly vicious parody of transsexuals and/or real women. Turns out he was only pushing moonbattery to the next level. This has so endeared him to the liberal establishment that honors continue to rain down upon him:

Forbes Magazine recently placed controversial trans woman and LGBTQ social media activist Dylan Mulvaney on its “30 Under 30 Social Media” list for being one of the most influential young social media influencers in the world. …

This isn’t the first recognition that Mulvaney has received from Forbes. Earlier this year, the influencer was invited to speak at the 2023 Forbes CMO Summit in Miami. During the address, the former Bud Light spokesperson urged companies to get more serious about promoting “diversity in the boardroom and on their consulting staff,” and not just do so in a “performative” way.

Also, Forbes chose this guy to speak at the 2022 Forbes Power Women’s Summit.

Via Political Insider:

Universities pay Mulvaney up to $26,250 for a lecture, presumably on how we should be more politically correct. He has called on people who refuse to pretend he is a woman to be arrested. Biden has of course invited him to the White House.

Mulvaney cost Budweiser $400 million in sales through his association with Bud Light. Why would a business magazine honor him? Because Forbes is not primarily about business. It is part of the liberal establishment, so its main objective is social engineering. To make us into a nation of Dylan Mulvaneys is what progressives are progressing toward.

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