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Jan 10 2022

Fordham University Bans Drinking Water Because Covid

College campuses are a corner of life where leftists enjoy near total hegemony. Imagine a college campus in New York City. In a place like that, anything whatsoever might be banned in the name of Covid hysteria — even drinking water out of your own bottle.

The Observer, Fordham’s student paper, reports on the school’s tightened Covid policies:

Fordham also updated its policies for eating and drinking in spaces on campus. Eating or drinking will be prohibited at athletic events until further notice. Food and drink are not allowed in classrooms and instructional spaces such as libraries or laboratories. Throughout the month of January, eating and drinking will also not be permitted at any events or meetings.

In New York, breathing has been restricted even for toddlers for fear that it might spread Covid. If we don’t need to breathe, why should we need to eat and drink?

As The College Fix notes of Fordham,

The student body is more than 99 percent vaccinated as of September, and “no unvaccinated individuals [are] allowed on campus except for individuals with official accommodations or those still completing their vaccination series.”

As we have learned, getting vaccinated is only the beginning. Fordham suffers a Covid infection rate of 0.3%, so draconian measures must be taken.

Thanks to the mildness of the predominant Omicron variant, dehydration may be a more serious health threat to Fordham students than Covid.

On tips from R F and Dragon’s Lair. Hat tip: Legal Insurrection.


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2 Responses to “Fordham University Bans Drinking Water Because Covid”

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