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Sep 17 2021

Kathy Hochul Forces Pointless Masks on Toddlers

Evidence accrues that New York Governor Kathy Hochul is even worse than the disgraced tyrant she replaced. Now she forces toddlers to attempt to breathe through snot-encrusted masks all day for no legitimate reason:

Wearing masks is particularly unhealthy for children (see here and here). There is no significant upside to making kids wear masks to counter the negative impact. Suppose the masks — which are probably rarely on their faces straight anyway — actually do protect toddlers from Covid; so what? Even the leftists at NPR admit Covid is no more serious than everyday viruses for small children. Only a lunatic would impose the masks in the name of the flu. Mask mandates are child abuse.

Speaking of leftists, here Wuhan gain-of-function funder and liberal icon Anthony Fauci reminds us that the masks are a silly waste of time even for adults:

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2 Responses to “Kathy Hochul Forces Pointless Masks on Toddlers”

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