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Nov 17 2020

Four Core Principles of Leftism

Radicalized Democrats and the street thugs they egg on are not classical Marxists. Paul Gottfried holds that they are something worse still: cultural Marxists. Nonetheless, they advance the broader ideology of leftism, because they are driven by four defining leftist principles:

One is globalism or universalism, which in the case of the current left takes the form of a boundless revulsion for Western Christian society and its majority white population. …

The second quintessentially leftist principle that informs our cultural revolutionaries is the worship of equality as the highest value. …

The third leftist principle or practice is the call for expansions of what they call human rights, since the historically grounded natural rights do not advance equality or “human dignity,” by which they mean the extinction of social and historical distinctions. …

A fourth leftist belief concerns the putative fluidity and malleability of human nature, seen for example in the insistence that all gender identities are subject to change.

Classical Marxist–Leninists and modern moonbats are both driven by these principles to strive toward a globalist totalitarian dictatorship that will fundamentally transform us so that we are all the same, molded according to leftist specifications. The only difference between these groups is that since the Soviet Union fell, leftism has become ever more depraved.

As Gottfried observes, “Stalin, Castro, and Guevara would have precious little patience for today’s cultural revolutionaries.” Even that trio of fiends would have known enough to be disgusted by them.

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2 Responses to “Four Core Principles of Leftism”

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