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Jan 22 2023

French Moonbats Save Planet With Pocket Forests

It was worrisome when Al Gore informed us from Davos that the oceans are boiling. But everything is going to be all right. A solution to climate change has been implemented:

French volunteers are using a pioneering Japanese tree-planting method to create pocket forests in Paris in the hope they will slow climate change, create biodiversity hotspots and tackle the growing number of heatwaves in the capital.

It isn’t easy work, saving the world from doom:

French non-profit Boomforest has organised a tree-planting initiative, drawing a dozen volunteers of all ages, clad in beanies and boots as they brave the cold and rain.

Presenting a portrait in climate righteousness:

Maxim Timothée, 31, was happy to be outdoors and was motivated by the simple, symbolic act of planting a tree.

Symbolic acts are all-important with moonbats. Even they understand at some level that their posturing will have zero effect on the weather. But only their intentions matter.

“It does feel really special to plant a tree,” he said, taking a brief pause from cutting into the damp clay. “It’s not just an object. I feel connected to the life of this tree. I want to protect it. I planted it.”

See? What do we need babies for?

The trees are being planted close together. A moonbat named Guillaume Dozier explains why:

“They’ll give each other shade, and they’ll be able to exchange water, nutrients and information. If one of them is under attack, they’ll be able to warn the others.”

Noble climate warriors like Guillaume hold the future in their hands. Hopefully they will spend more time planting urban pocket forests where rats and vagrants can nest and less time lobbying for repressive regulations.

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