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Jan 19 2023

Elitist Moonbats on Parade in Davos

Social engineers representing what the Biden Regime calls the Liberal World Order have gathered in Davos to decide what sacrifices we little people must make to facilitate imposition of their grim vision of utopia. This self-described “select group” towers not only above deplorable normal people, but above the very earth that they presume to “save.” Our treasonous Climate Czar, the pompous personification of elitist moonbattery, describes himself and his colleagues as “almost extraterrestrial” in their grandeur:

Their egos are as massive as their hypocrisy — speaking of which, the conspicuously consuming primary prophet of their global warming cult (a single home of whom expends 21 times more energy than the average American household) reveals that the oceans are already boiling:

If only Tipper would come back and make him take his meds.

Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla was less loquacious than Albert Gore. Watch him refuse to answer questions from Rebel News, including when Pfizer knew the vaccines would not stop Covid transmission as promised:

The prostitutes who have flooded Davos to exploit the influx of self-indulgence are charging $2,500 per night. Considering what they are asked to crawl into bed with, it’s a bargain.

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