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Aug 25 2023

From Pure Michigan to Pure Moonbattery

The Democrat Death Spiral that is currently destroying Chicago and New York first came to prominence in Detroit, which was possibly the wealthiest city in the world in the 1950s but within a few decades was reduced to a dysfunctional hellhole by Democrat policy driving out reasonable voters, making political pushback against Democrats increasingly impossible. The resulting black hole will eventually suck down the entire state.

Rather that pump the brakes on the moonbattery that is making people leave, the leftists running Michigan plead with Democrats in other states to come replace the lost population:

The Michigan Economic Development Council (MEDC) targeted ads to six conservative states, touting the progressive stance of Governor Gretchen Whitmer (D). One of the ads entices people to move to Michigan and “enjoy your right to reproductive freedom,” a frequent euphemism for abortion-on-demand. Another shows a lesbian couple as the screen declares, “In Michigan, all are welcome.”

In the phrase “all are welcome,” the word “all” is Liberalese for anyone other than regular Americans.

“Michigan is proud to protect your fundamental human freedoms. We’re a state that’s on the right side of history,” said MEDC in a Facebook post containing one of its pitches.

According to leftist ideology, the permanent collapse of civilization into a hellish cross between Zimbabwe and a San Francisco bathhouse is historically inevitable. They prefer not to understand that history works like a wheel: hard times create hard men, hard men create good times, good times create soft men, soft men create hard times.

“Fundamental human freedoms” do not include free speech, according to Michigan’s moonbat rulers. Already, legislation is pending that could result in 5-year prison terms for saying anything LGBT crybullies choose to find offensive.

Explicitly recruiting left-wing voters from other jurisdictions will accelerate the Democrat Death Spiral, which until now has relied on driving out sensible people and paying welfare dependents to reproduce. It will also accelerate a natural sorting process whereby moonbats and countermoonbats increasingly live in different parts of the country, rendering a second civil war inevitable.

Remember when they tried to attract visitors with the slogan “Pure Michigan?” Those ads have been nixed in favor of showcasing abortion. Purity is not on the agenda — unless you count pure moonbattery.

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