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Aug 07 2023

New York’s New Brand

Just as a fish rots from the head, a nation rots from its largest city. Let’s check in on progressive progress in New York:

The city is suffering a crime epidemic so bad even ice cream and laundry detergent are security-tagged in shops, and endless anti-business measures are driving down earnings, but politicians appear more preoccupied by the culture wars: woke causes and green issues, such as air pollution.

Yet for all the concern about air quality, the authorities have only themselves to blame for the all-pervasive stench of contraband weed on its streets, a consequence of officials’ disastrous tinkering with cannabis legalisation on the grounds of ‘racial equity’, which has led to the proliferation of 1,400 illicit marijuana shops.

And a city that prides itself on being the ultimate temple of capitalism now finds itself with 22 per cent of its office space lying empty, a stunning figure that is likely to get worse following the introduction of a congestion charge of up to $23 (£17.60) for driving into midtown Manhattan.

Those still willing to come into the city are expected to take the subway — which entails risking their lives:

Two weeks ago, even Alvin Bragg, Manhattan’s Left-leaning District Attorney and the chief architect of a controversial criminal justice policy aimed at keeping down jail numbers that has seen crime rates soar, admitted: ‘When one of my family members gets on the train, I, too, get a knot in my stomach.’

George Soros installed Bragg to drive crime higher. While doubling the number of felons freed without bail, Bragg prosecutes the heroic Daniel Penny for defending subway passengers from a violent criminal.

Last year City Hall said it would remove any homeless people who behaved in an ‘unsafe’ manner from the subway, but reportedly dropped the plan because the shelters where it planned to house them are full of the migrants and asylum-seekers pouring into the city, most from Latin America and Africa, and often bussed in from southern states after crossing the Mexican border.

Not long ago, Eric Adams proclaimed New York would continue to be a sanctuary city. Looks like he has changed his mind amidst the predictable tidal wave of illegal aliens.

As for the systematically demoralized police,

Some speculate that they’ve given up bothering to enforce the law because they know anyone they arrest is likely be released without charge.

NYC didn’t have to be like this:

It’s all a long way from the 1990s when, under Republican Mayor Rudy Giuliani, New York drastically cut raging violent crime by refusing to ignore even minor offences in a policy known as ‘zero-tolerance’ or ‘Broken Windows’.

The transformation after Giuliani took over from David Dinkins was astonishing. But it has been downhill ever since America’s Mayor left office.

Like formerly affluent Detroit before it, New York has entered the Democrat Death Spiral. As the sane and productive escape, ever more radical liberals will be elected by an ever more degenerate population until no one is left who isn’t living off welfare.

Remember the heartbreaking ending of Planet of the Apes, when Charleton Heston encounters the ruins of Lady Liberty in what must once have been New York? Reality has turned out sadder still:

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