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Dec 07 2022

Gavin Newsom Wants New Tax on Gasoline

As a result of single-party rule by leftist Democrats, California pays more than other states for gasoline. The price is about to rise higher still; leftist demagogue Gavin Newsom wants to inflict financial penalties on energy companies, to punish them for having been forced by Democrats’ War on Energy to raise prices.

The Blaze reports:

The proposal would make it illegal for oil companies to charge “excessive” profits. Companies found to be in violation of the proposal would be fined a civil penalty by the California Energy Commission.

The point of calling this a “fine” rather than a tax is that fines are easier to impose, requiring only a simple majority in the state legislature. However, it is in effect a tax.

Gas prices in California are impacted by taxes and fees associated with environmental regulations that other states do not have, KTLA reported. In October, gas in the state was $2.60 more than the national average.

Newsom’s thuggery will drive prices higher still.

The Biden Regime has also attempted to blame energy companies for the high prices caused by Democrat policies and to punish them for it.

You can have affordable energy or you can have moonbat rule. You cannot have both.

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