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Jan 19 2023

Geraldo Rivera: AR-15 Is Not a Rifle and an Automatic Rifle

How ignorant are liberals when it comes to firearms? Fox News resident moonbat Geraldo Rivera demonstrates:

Rivera typifies progressives in that not only is he excruciatingly ignorant on a subject he presumes to hold forth upon, but he lacks the mental rigor even to apply consistency to his delusional viewpoint. An AR-15 cannot be both an automatic rifle and not a rifle. Characteristically, Rivera is wrong all around; civilian AR-15s are semiautomatic rifles.

Outside the liberal misinformation bubble, it is common knowledge that AR stands for “ArmaLite rifle” — although it could just as easily stand for America’s rifle. The latter would be apt not only because it is the most popular rifle in the USA, but because if Biden et al. succeed in confiscating them with the help of propagandists like Geraldope, this country will become significantly less like America.

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