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Mar 16 2024

German Schoolgirl Hauled Off by Police Over Smurf Video

Meanwhile, as Germany is overrun by sociopathic Islamic colonists from the Third World run amok (e.g., here, here, here, here), police focus on more pressing concerns — like a Smurf video:

The headmaster of the Richard-Wossidlo-Gymnasium in Ribnitz-Damgarten in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania has taken the witch hunt for anything that doesn’t correspond to the left-green mission statement to the extreme. Not only does he apparently spy on pupils and what they post on social networks, he even calls the police on them if necessary to intimidate them. On February 27, he ordered one such suspicious pupil to be arrested by the police in front of everyone in the classroom, even though she had done nothing but show her sympathy for an AfD posting.

Gasps the 16-year-old’s mother:

“My daughter posted a Smurfs video on TikTok a few months ago. It says that the Smurfs and Germany have something in common: The Smurfs are blue and so is Germany. That was probably a funny AfD advertising post. And then she once posted that Germany is not simply a place, but her homeland.”

Blue is said to be Germans’ favorite color. It has become problematic because it is associated with the patriotic Alternative für Deutschland party. Taking pride in Germany is verboten.

Her commitment to her homeland and supposed sympathy for an opposition party was apparently sufficient for her to be taken away by the police for an “endangerment interview”, during which the officers asked the girl to refrain from making such posts in future “for her own protection”.

Thoughtcrime has to be nipped in the bud. Increasingly, that’s what schools are for.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.


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