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Dec 31 2021

Germany Closes Half Its Nuclear Plants

Belgium isn’t the only country run by moonbats to use opposition to nuclear power to prove that the supposed climate crisis is a hoax. Germany continues to self-destruct:

Germany will pull the plug on three of its last six nuclear power stations on Friday, another step towards completing its withdrawal from nuclear power as it turns its focus to renewables.

Inefficient and unreliable renewables cannot sustain Germany’s economy. The leftists in charge don’t care.

They also don’t care about the climate, if their own doctrine is to be taken seriously. According to their religion, CO2 emissions make it be too warm outside, imperiling life on earth. Nuclear energy does not produce these emissions. The fossil fuels Germany will have to import from Russia to replace the nuclear plants do.

Energy prices will continue to rise, strangling the economy. But leftists regard nuclear energy as politically incorrect, so it must be abolished.

On the bright side, closing down the reactors will create green jobs:

Asked about possible job losses, Gundremmingen mayor Tobias Buehler said the plant’s employees would be busy with dismantling the reactor after the shutdown.

That’s the green economy in a nutshell. People will be paid to dismantle their own economy, with money that no longer represents wealth, because wealth is no longer created, since productive activity is hurtful to the environment.

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