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Jan 27 2022

How Putin Exploits Moonbattery to Dominate Europe

Russia has a much smaller economy, but this is canceled by the advantage of vastly better leadership. As Alexander the Great might say, better an army of sheep led by a lion than an army of lions led by liberals. Putin understands his opponents’ main weakness — namely, moonbattery. He exploits it to dominate long-time rival Germany:

Europe’s climate obsessions have made it vulnerable to Russia, and so the Biden Administration is riding to the rescue by begging the Arabs and other energy producers to boost natural gas deliveries.

Americans could sell Europeans more of our own energy, except that Biden will not let us produce it, because moonbattery.

Russia supplies 40% of Europe’s gas imports. Putin has threatened to cut this off if he gets any grief over invading Ukraine.

Europe has as much technically recoverable shale gas as the USA. However, the kooks in charge demand that it be left in the ground. Producing energy offends the climate. That’s why Europeans and Americans pay other countries to produce it instead.

Even leftists admit that nuclear energy has no effect on the ever-fluctuating climate. Yet Germany has been shutting down its nuclear plants, because moonbattery.

During the Cold War, the USSR funded peacenik groups in the West. The tactic endures:

As former NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said in 2014, Russia “engages actively” with green groups “working against shale gas, obviously to maintain European dependence on imported Russian gas.”

Germany’s dependence on Russia has security implications for all of us.

The Trump Administration pressed Germany to build liquefied natural gas (LNG) import terminals to diversify its gas supply… But German LNG terminals are snarled in permitting delays. One company last year decided to turn an LNG project into a green hydrogen hub. This won’t heat homes.

For the leftists in charge, it is all about green posturing, not heating homes.

Meanwhile, coal plants are shut down in favor of politically correct solar and wind, which are not only inefficient but unreliable, and therefore have to be backed up by gas from Russia. No wonder Putin always looks like the cat who ate the canary.

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