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Oct 19 2023

Get Woke Go Broke: Victoria’s Secret

Turns out moonbattery doesn’t apply to lingerie marketing. Victoria’s Secret has had enough of declining sales and will go back to featuring attractive women:

Cathaleen Chen reported that the brand’s efforts to promote inclusivity – which included making LGBTQ pro women’s soccer player and outspoken leftist Megan Rapinoe, as well as a transgender woman, brand spokesmodels and getting rid of its famous “Angels” supermodels – gained “favorable reviews from online critics [but] never translated into sales.”

As we know from movie reviews, if critics tell us to like something, that means it stinks but we are supposed to pretend to like it in order to be woke.

According to the numbers, the lingerie brand’s projected revenue for 2023 is $6.2 billion, which is 5% lower than it was last year, and even lower than 2020, when the brand’s revenue was $7.5 billion.

They should look at the bright side. They’re still doing better than Bud Light.

The drop in Victoria’s Secret’s sales also followed the company’s move to make its board of directors mostly female.

Choosing personnel by identity group doesn’t work any better in the corporate world than it does on the Supreme Court.

In 2021, Rapinoe called out what the brand had been before the revamp, claiming it had sent out a “really harmful” message that was “patriarchal, sexist, viewing not just what it meant to be sexy but what the clothes were trying to accomplish through a male lens and through what men desired.”

Instead, Victoria’s Secret tried marketing to what Women’s Studies professors desire. Nobody is buying.

The point of lingerie is to be sexy. Choosing Rapinoe to represent the brand was like picking Dylan Mulvaney to market weight-lifting equipment.

For now they are trying to have it both ways:

Chen noted that the lingerie company’s attempt to stop the financial drain body-positive marketing was causing was to bring back its runway show format, and blend the sexiness the brand had become famous for with some of its more inclusive initiatives.

Bring a barf bag to the fashion show, in case this means every other model struts out looking like Lizzo.

Compromise doesn’t work with moonbats. Feminists and anti-fatphobia activists will probably call for a boycott.

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