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Dec 09 2020

Global Warming Hoax to Be Declared “National Emergency”?

This is getting scary. If you think the millions of jobs and trillions of dollars that have gone up in smoke due to the federal government’s authoritarian overreaction to COVID-19 have been devastating, stand by for what they will do to us in the name of the global warming hoax. Joe Biden’s handlers may have him officially declare it a “national emergency,” enabling them to inflict totalitarian measures.

Tony Heller started to tell us about it on YouTube…

…but thought better of it due to YouTube’s increasingly aggressive censorship of any information that could undermine Democrat power, so he is moving to New Tube:

No sane person believes that the federal government can improve the weather by imposing a climate lockdown. But one will happen anyway, as soon as the Democratic Party has the political leverage to impose it.

On a tip from Lyle.


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One Response to “Global Warming Hoax to Be Declared “National Emergency”?”

  1. […] If we don’t push back against COVID-19 tyranny, Biden’s handlers will be inspired to new extremes of repression in the name of the global warming hoax. […]

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