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Dec 24 2022

Good and Bad Places for Presenting a Foreign Flag

The Babylon Bee story is parody…

“This is a dark day for the country,” said Representative Thomas Massie, watching in disbelief as the events unfolded on TV. “Not only did these lunatics make it all the way into the sacred House Chamber — they waved the flag of a hopelessly corrupt foreign nation and made off with $50 billion.”

…but the picture is for real:

Neocon John Podhoretz loved the spectacle:

At the climax of [Zelensky’s pitch for still more of our money], he handed the flag to Nancy Pelosi and Kamala Harris, who were in their respective positions as speaker of the House and president of the Senate directly behind him.

Two minutes later, Pelosi returned the favor by presenting him with the flag that was flown over the Capitol in his honor. She said someone would carry it out for him. “I can take,” Zelensky said.

So you can call it stagy. You can call it theater. You can cast it in negative terms if you choose. Go ahead. It’s a free country. Be a jerk.

Thanks for the permission, John.

This desecration of the Capitol is more alarming than anything that happened on 1/6/21, because it is emblematic of a government that puts another country’s interests ahead of ours.

Our rulers shovel tens of $billions that we cannot afford at a country that has nothing to do with us, risking nuclear war, while our own border is being overrun in an invasion that will change America for the worse forever, if not obliterate it altogether.

This event from last February represents a more appropriate response to the display of a foreign flag before the legislature:

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