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Jan 08 2023

Congresscritters Make Killing on Ukraine Funding

There is good news regarding the mountains of our money the federal government has been gifting to the tyrants running Ukraine. Our economy will derive at least some benefit, to the extent that the largesse is making some Americans rich — namely, warmongering congresscritters:

The U.S. has delivered more than $20 billion worth of military aid to Ukraine between Jan. 24, a month before Russia invaded, and Nov. 20, according to data compiled by the Council on Foreign Relations, and Congress has approved billions more in spending on Ukraine. To make up for that aid, top defense companies have boosted production, and lawmakers trading on company stocks saw a financial windfall as a result, according to publicly available stock trading data.

Overall, Democratic Rep. Earl Blumenauer of Oregon netted the highest average returns on defense company stocks since 2021 at 40%, according to a chart published Tuesday by Unusual Whales, a site known for exposing how members of Congress profit from trading related to legislative issues.

Now I get why Democrats so enthusiastically display those blue and yellow flags. Blue + yellow = green.

The bad news is that if war pigs get any more carried away with their saber rattling, there is liable to be a nuclear holocaust that will prevent them from spending the money.

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