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Jan 11 2021

Google/Apple/Amazon Crush Parler

Twitter is a private company, they tell us. If you don’t like the way it suppresses opinion and information that undermine the progressive quest for power, then find an alternative. So people found an alternative: Parler. The Big Tech cartel promptly crushed Parler.

Via Legal Insurrection:

Google and Apple now have removed the Parler App from their stores, and in the coup de grace, Amazon Web Services, the largest corporate hosting service, gave Parler 24-hours notice that it was terminating hosting services, effectively removing Parler from the internet.

Parler is now offline.

Parler’s other vendors are afraid to help the company, including Parler’s law firm. This is part of a tactic we have seen develop for years where lawyers and law firms are pressured not to represent controversial conservative causes and people — but representing al-Qaeda members at Gitmo is just fine.

Only those who enjoy the sympathy of the liberal establishment are entitled to free speech and legal representation.

Collapses, it’s said, happen slowly, then very suddenly. And so it has happened with the collapse of internet freedom through the domination of a handful of companies that control the flow of information and whose platforms are indispensible for political discourse.

Big Tech is the government now. Biden/Harris are figureheads. This is no longer a free country.

Maria Bartiromo interviews Parler CEO John Matze on this horrifying development:

On a tip from Eddie_Valiant.


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