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Jan 12 2021

Surreal British Lockdown Gets Even More Extreme

The more lockdowns don’t work, the more the British government tightens the screws. The level of repression inflicted in the name of COVID-19 has become surreal:

Claiming that the National Health service is at breaking point, the government is said to be considering implementing stricter rules, including compulsory mask-wearing outdoors, and banning so called ‘extended bubbles’, where people are allowed to meet one person from another household.

Most chilling, however, is the revelation that cabinet ministers have privately debated preventing people from talking to each other in the street and in supermarkets, and even preventing people from leaving home more than once per week, and introducing curfews.

Stalin’s USSR is starting to look like a libertarian utopia by comparison.

The restrictions are so severe that not even the police who enforce them follow them:

Combining COVID-19 restrictions with the ongoing Big Tech crackdown on free speech enables the level of atomization required to push authoritarianism to levels formerly unimagined. Cut off from each other, we are less likely to resist effectively.

On tips from Zachary B and Stormfax.


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