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May 12 2022

Government Caused Baby Formula Shortage

In case you were wondering why mothers are no longer able to find baby formula, the primary answer can be summed up in three letters: FDA.

The Daily Mail reports on how the federal bureaucracy prevents children from receiving proper nourishment:

The biggest baby formula supplier in the U.S. has denied its Michigan plant is responsible for the deaths of two children despite the FDA closing it down.

The Abbott Laboratories plant in Sturgis was shut down by the feds in February. There was a nationwide recall of formula, which “has significantly disrupted the supply chain.”

An Abbott spokesperson told Tuesday that ‘thorough investigation’ by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Abbott revealed ‘infant formula produced at our Sturgis facility is not the likely source of infection in the reported cases and that there was not an outbreak caused by products from the facility’.

However, despite the findings of the investigation, the plant remains shuttered nearly three months later, fueling the nationwide baby formula shortage.

Abbott says there is no problem. But the FDA won’t say when the plant can reopen.

Abbott phone representatives have also been telling parents the FDA is ‘holding back’ metabolic formula made during the recall period, which is why the current supply hasn’t gone out, Politico reported.

Children with special nutritional needs are reliant on formula, reminding us as Covid often did how unhealthy it can be for Big Government to protect our health.

The FDA has predictably responded to the crisis it helped cause by demanding more power:

‘No law requires manufacturers of infant formulas or essential medical foods to notify FDA when they become aware of a circumstance that could lead to a shortage of these products,’ the agency penned, noting it would like to see new protocols requiring companies to notify the FDA of anticipated supply chain interruptions.

We could import baby formula from abroad — except the FDA won’t let us:

[T]he FDA requires specific ingredients, labeling requirements, and mandates retailers wait at least 90 days before marketing a new infant formula. Therefore, if U.S. retailers wanted to source more formula from established trading partners like Mexico or Canada, the needs of parents cannot be quickly met because of these wait times. …

Many parents demand formula from the EU not only because of the current scarcity but because European formula meets other preferences, including a perceived higher quality, and more varieties like goat’s‑milk-based formula. Technically, it is illegal to import baby formula from the EU for commercial purposes, but parents can (and do) import it for personal use. Recently, the FDA recalled some European infant formula because it did not comply with FDA labeling requirements. It is agreed by many medical experts that the differences between American and European formula are minor and are not worth the expense imposed by these regulations.

On top of the regulations, our government piles high tariffs on baby formula.

Meanwhile, FDA Commissioner Robert Califf is focused on “misinformation,” which he barks is the leading cause of death in the USA. He must have been relieved to see the Biden Regime establish the new Ministry of Truth.

At least the Regime is aware that there are shortages. Biden’s response is to snarl dementedly about his “MAGA crowd” scapegoats:

As for the Republican leadership:

The House just passed a bill shoveling another $40 billion that we don’t have at the Ukraine, for reasons our rulers choose not to share with us, driving inflation higher still. No Democrats and only 57 Republicans opposed it. Maybe now they can spare some attention to the severe problems in a country of less interest to them, the USA.

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