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Mar 10 2022

Guaranteed Income for Being Gay

You don’t have to be Pete Buttigieg to get paid to be gay. Just go live in West Hollywood:

The City of West Hollywood, in collaboration with nonprofit partner, National Council of Jewish Women/LA, will open applications for the first pilot project for guaranteed income in the nation aimed at evaluating the impact of cash payments on the financial stability and quality of life of LGBTQIA older adults. Guaranteed income is a direct and regular cash payment – no strings attached – provided to a specific group of people for a designated time.

Lucky participants will receive $1,000 cash payments each month. The free money will come in handy in West Hollywood, where the cost of living is 41.1% higher than the national average.

Brace yourselves, taxpayers. Plenty of other specific groups can expect to receive “free” money in the future. No, these do not include sexually normal Caucasian men. Already, Oakland passes out guaranteed income on the basis of not being white.

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