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Mar 31 2022

Palm Springs to Provide Guaranteed Income to Transsexuals

In California, Land of Liberals, Oakland pays people to not be white. West Hollywood pays people to be homosexual. Why shouldn’t Palm Springs pay people to be transsexual?

A Southern California city is moving forward with plans for monthly payments as high as $900 to transgender and nonbinary residents to help them overcome discrimination.

The sexually deranged are the most privileged of all identity groups. Our most sacred institution (marriage), women’s sports, and biological reality itself have been sacrificed in obeisance to this tiny minority. Transsexuals sit enthroned at the very top of the Cultural Marxist totem pole, above even sacred blacks. Yet the liberal media tells us with a straight face that they need other people’s money to overcome “discrimination.”

Looks like the Palm Springs program will be privately funded to start. But that means of raising revenue is limited, so…

Additionally, they’ll look at ways to tap into a $35 million fund created by California lawmakers to provide monthly payments to pregnant women and young adults who’ve recently left foster care. The new pot of money would be distributed by local governments and nonprofits.

That is, the state government will confiscate money from taxpayers and bestow it upon a favored identity group as a reward for pretending to be the opposite sex.

Jacob Rostovsky, Queer Works executive director, told Newsweek he expects the program to be similar to other guaranteed income pilot programs launched in other U.S. cities.

Even taxpayer pockets aren’t bottomless. When liberals achieve the leverage to impose programs like this at the federal level, they will be funded by the same means Biden has used to finance his agenda — namely, inflating the currency.

Due to the wanton irresponsibility of our moonbat rulers, the dollar will not be the world’s reserve currency for long. Soon hyperinflation will set it, initiating the total collapse that is the end goal of Democrat economic policy. This is to be followed by straightforward communism.

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