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Nov 11 2022

Guess the Race of the Black Church Burner

The burning of black churches that Bill Clinton lied about vividly and painfully remembering from his youth in Arkansas is actually happening now in Mississippi:

Authorities say a suspect was arrested Tuesday in a string of fires that were deliberately set across Jackson, Mississippi that left two historically Black churches damaged — including one that was completely destroyed.

Hinds County Sheriff’s Office deputies say the arson suspect, Delvin McLaurin, was arrested after seven fires were intentionally set early Tuesday morning in the area of Jackson State University, a historically Black public university.

The USA Today report does not disclose the race of the suspect, but leads readers to make an assumption by including a statement by thankfully defeated Shuwaski Young, Congressional Candidate of Color (D-MS):

“This morning several churches were burned in Jackson, Mississippi on Election Day,” the statement read. “These cowardly actions invoke historical acts of terrorism when people are fighting for their right to vote and live peacefully as Americans and Mississippians. We will not be deterred and will not be intimidated. We will not allow domestic terrorists to suppress our right to vote. I ask all Mississippians to go vote regardless of this decades old intimidation tactic to suppress our votes today. Just go vote.”

Other moonbats predictably piled on, euphoric to find support for their toxic narrative:

• “The layers of racist symbolism associated with burning churches… in Mississippi… on Election Day. When will this country wake up? This makes me incredibly sad…” one commenter added. “I’m guessing the terrorist/arsonist who did this thinks they’re a Christian and a patriot.”

• “… this what the SCLC fought against, the same white-hooded cowards are a product of 45’s GOP, the most racist, corrupt treasonous administration in White House, anti-[Semitism], racism is their platform,” another user said. “This act today says it all.”

• “This is beyond hideous. The hypocrisy is off the charts, too,” another commenter said. “The burning was probably carried out by people who profess to be Christians.”

• “Domestic white supremacist terrorists will not suppress Democratic voters from voting!” another commenter declared. “But Still, Like Air We Rise …”

How liberals would love to have evidence that when they screech like banshees about voter suppression, they are not just trying to get us to shut up about election fraud.

However, by now you have guessed what USA Today does not want you to know regarding McLaurin’s race:

McLaurin has been charged with felony malicious mischief and may face additional charges. As he has not been found guilty and his motives are not known, he does not yet qualify for induction into the Hate Hoax Hall of Shame. But USA Today sure does.

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