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Oct 10 2022

Happy Columbus Day

Whatever moonbats choose to call it, this is Columbus Day. On Thanksgiving, we give thanks to God for the blessings we enjoy. Today, we acknowledge that many of these blessings come via Western Civilization, which Columbus personified by spreading to the New World.

For this reason, leftists hate Columbus. He is undergoing cancelation, as evidenced by the dozens of Columbus statues that were torn down by Black Lives Matter mobs.

The arrival of Europeans lifted earlier inhabitants of the Western Hemisphere out of Stone Age savagery. Life for them had been nasty, brutish, and short.

Yet the ideology of our ruling class demands we pretend it was idyllic. Columbus is to be vilified as an oppressor of the indigenous. Given this viewpoint, renaming today as “Indigenous People’s Day” is equivalent to proclaiming December 25 to be Satan Day.

AMAC grieves for what our rulers want to take away:

How ironic, how stunning, how sad – that the day on which America celebrates our discovery by Christopher Columbus in 1492, second Monday in October, was replaced by Joe Biden in 2021 with “Indigenous Peoples’ Day.”

Despite the high position he was placed in, Joe Biden is not the kind of guy anyone could admire. Columbus was:

Daring enough to keep trying, unflinching when storms rake us, determined to persevere when others give up, ignited by curiosity, willing to think for ourselves, explore, learn, investigate, remain hopeful when others lose hope. That was Columbus.

These days, the qualities Columbus embodied are despised. We are expected to revere failure and self-pity. This is why statues of Columbus were destroyed in the name the low-life loser George Floyd and an ideology of sniveling victimhood.

Because Columbus was Italian, Columbus Day is also a day to celebrate Italian heritage. But Italians have assimilated to become Americans, so they are no longer to be celebrated. Instead, they are demonized along with other Caucasians.

We have two cultures now: the phony, sickly culture the liberal establishment wants to impose, and the real American culture that still celebrates Columbus Day.

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