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Jan 26 2022

Heart Transplant Denied Over Vaccine Status

Liberals denounce us for “othering” preferred identity groups. To “other” a group is to see it as alien. Taken to extremes, othering can result in bigoted attitudes and even overt hostility. For example, our ruling class has othered those who have chosen not to get a Covid vaccine — so ruthlessly that under the right circumstances, those in charge will literally subject such people to death.

From ultraliberal Boston:

David Ferguson told WBZ-TV this week that his 31-year-old son DJ Ferguson’s heart has deteriorated to the point that it will no longer work on its own. Thankfully, he was first in line to receive a heart transplant. Yet because of his unvaccinated status, the hospital ruled that he was no longer eligible for the transplant.

Even now, DJ refuses to be coerced into getting the jab out of principle. They still make people like that, although not as often as they used to.

Brigham and Women’s Hospital confirms that Ferguson will be denied the heart transplant unless he submits to the vaccine. Transfer to a less intransigent facility may not be feasible due to his advanced condition.

DJ Ferguson is a father of two children with a third on the way.

You can’t make an omelet without breaking some eggs. How can progressives create utopia if not everyone will reflexively obey them?

“I think my boy is fighting pretty damn courageously and he has integrity and principles he really believes in and that makes me respect him all the more,” the father said defiantly, adding, “It’s his body, it’s his choice.”

It’s nice to see that slogan used by people who understand what it means.

DJ Ferguson isn’t alone:

Last August, reports surfaced that a hospital in Washington state had removed multiple patients from its organ wait list on behalf of a vaccine requirement. Then in October, the Cleveland Clinic halted a last-minute lifesaving kidney transplant due to a vaccine requirement policy that had gone into effect only days before.

That same month, a woman was denied a kidney transplant by the University of Colorado Health System after it was revealed that both she and her donor were unvaccinated.

The medical justification is that the unvaxxed are less likely to survive the transplant if they contract Covid, so why waste organs on them?

Vaccines for those who don’t want them is a political issue. Given the increasing politicization of the medical field, denial of life-saving treatment is a tactic likely to be used again. It will come in handy if they come up with a vaccine that inoculates us against dangerous attitudes by rendering us more docile and therefore less racist, homophobic, transphobic, Islamophobic, etc.

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