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Jun 10 2023

Hillary Clinton Celebrates Injustice of Trump Indictment

It wasn’t enough to indict Donald Trump and possibly throw him in prison for being the leading candidate of the opposition party, as is the practice in banana republics. The charges had to be outrageously unjust and hypocritical, so as the provoke maximum outrage. That’s why they indicted him for something leading Democrats Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton are at least as guilty of but face no punishment for doing.

Because injustice is the point, they don’t try to hide it. On the contrary, they rub it in our faces:

Hillary Clinton, the former Secretary of State and Democratic presidential nominee, shamelessly celebrated the indictment of former President Donald Trump by capitalizing on her infamous “But Her Emails” controversy.

Clinton took to Twitter to promote the sale of limited-edition merchandise, including hats, emblazoned with the phrase that became a rallying cry for Trump’s supporters during the 2016 election.

Shrillary not only violated any laws Trump did by keeping classified documents in her house, she compounded them by using BleachBit to destroy subpoenaed evidence. This brazen obstruction of justice in open contempt for Congress and the rule of law dwarfs anything Trump is accused of doing. That’s the joke that has her cackling like a witch on Halloween:

Why are Democrats going out of their way to enrage the public with this gross display of injustice heading into an election year? Maybe they have been reading Sun Tzu:

If your opponent is of choleric temper, seek to irritate him.

In other words, if your enemy has a temper, set it off, so that he will act out of anger instead of sound strategy.

The Democrat strategy is no secret. They already used it in the 2022 elections to great success by donating over $40 million to Trumpian candidates during GOP primaries. Trumpian candidates allowed Democrats to place cognitively disabled psychiatric patient John Fetterman in the Senate and to install leftist kook Katie Hobbs as Governor of Arizona.

The more outrageously unjust the treatment of Trump, the more Republicans will rally around him, the more likely he is to win the 2024 nomination.

However, non-Republicans are sick of Trump. His indictment pulls back the tent flap on a circus that will leave independents begging for any election result that will make him go away.

Once Trump has been positioned to win the GOP nomination, all Democrats have to do is pull a switcheroo and dump the conspicuously loathsome Biden before the election, ostensibly for health reasons.

Trump wins the nomination but loses the general election — and Congress goes down with him. That’s the game plan. That’s why he was indicted, and why Shrillary is gloatingly selling her hats.

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