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Mar 29 2023

Katie Hobbs Spokeswoman’s Alarming Tweet After Nashville

All school shootings delight moonbats, who eagerly exploit them to attack our right of self-defense. But the transgender terror attack in Nashville on Monday was special. It served as a shot across the bow, warning normal people to passively accept the cesspool of depravity their country is being transformed into. Looks like the staff of leftist Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs has been in no mood to mourn:

Fox News reports:

Hobbs’ press secretary, Josselyn Berry, made headlines after a picture of an armed woman from a Twitter account of the same name appeared to threaten violent action against “transphobes.”

A “transphobe” is anyone who puts up resistance to the transsexual agenda.

“Us when we see transphobes,” Berry’s tweet read, including a GIF of a woman wielding two handguns.

The offending post from Berry, a Democratic operative and spokesperson for Hobbs, has since been removed from Twitter for violating the site’s rules.

The tweet was aimed at fellow liberals like J.K. Rowling who fail to toe the line regarding psychotic transsexual doctrine. Berry denounces them for “bigotry.”

The Arizona Freedom Caucus notes that Berry tweeted this less than 12 hours after the mass murder in Nashville.

Letting these people disarm us would not be wise.

On a tip from Wiggins.


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