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Aug 02 2023

Historian Canceled for Not Helping to Erase History

To quote 1984 again,

“The past was erased, the erasure was forgotten, the lie became truth.”

We’ve seen how it works with official government records, to erase embarrassing utterances by our rulers. Germany demonstrates how historians apply the process to bring the past into line with leftist ideology.

From Journalistenwatch, via Allah’s Willing Executioners:

[W]ell-known ancient historian Egon Flaig … was invited by the archaeologist Andreas Grüner of the Friedrich Alexander University of Erlangen in the middle of the month to an evening lecture on the topic “Individual freedom versus political freedom. The Polis in European Republicanism”. A week earlier, however, Grüner withdrew the invitation because, as he meekly confessed, his own dean had “asked” him to do so. Behind this “request”, however, was a solid threat: Flaig is considered “controversial” in left-wing circles – because, among other things, he points to the historical fact that the slave trade was not the exclusive domain of whites, but that there were also black slave traders, and that Islam in particular also engaged in the slave trade for centuries.

Flaig was already on thin ice. Two years ago, he was apparently canceled by University of Osnabrück for having spoken against the mass migration that is being used to displace Germany out of existence.

The academic equivalents of Winston Smith have work to do. It is still widely known that Africans did the rounding up of African slaves, and that Europeans were enslaved by Muslims from ancient times until relatively recently. “To the shores of Tripoli” in the Marines’ Hymn refers to Thomas Jefferson sending in the Marines to stop Arabs from enslaving American crews. A lot of information will have to go down the memory hole before history complies with liberal ideology.


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