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Jul 26 2023

Biden Lying That He Cured Cancer Is Nothing New

Some are alarmed that Joe Biden would claim he cured cancer, suspecting that his mental decline is so advanced that he may actually believe it.

However, Biden has been telling easily disprovable and often outlandish lies his whole career. He has claimed to have done well in school, that he was the first member of his family to attend college, that he taught constitutional law for over 20 years, that he attended a black college, that he attended a black church, that he never opposed fracking, and even, blasphemously, that he is Catholic, despite being a conspicuously aggressive advocate of moral depravity including abortion.

More lies:

1. Biden said his helicopter was “forced down” near Osama bin Laden’s lair in Afghanistan

2. Biden said he was a coal miner

3. Biden said he was “shot at” in Iraq

4. Biden said he called Slobodan Milošević a “damn war criminal” to his face

5. Biden said he participated in sit-ins at segregated restaurants and movie theaters

6. Biden said he criticized President George W. Bush during lengthy private meetings in the Oval Office

Still more:

1. Law School Grades

2. Arrested in South Africa

3. First Job

4. Visiting a Synagogue

5. Unemployment Numbers

6. Visited Afghanistan

7. Naval Academy Appointment

8. Beau Died in Iraq

9. Never Spoken to Hunter About Family Business

10. Visited 54 States

11. Passing Student Loan Legislation

12. Raised by Puerto Ricans

13. Gas Prices

14. Biden Traveling 17,000 Miles with Chinese President

15. Inflation Is Temporary

The lies that he was arrested in South Africa and that he has not been involved in his bagman Hunter’s influence peddling operations are at least as preposterous as his curing cancer claim.

Biden’s incessant lying was one of the main reasons he was laughed off the stage even by the liberal media back in 1988, when we still had standards.

He lies not only because he is a contemptible, third-rate human being, as we have all known for decades. His lies are compulsive, resulting from a case of pseudologia fantastica that is so severe as to cross into psychosis and that predates his senility by a generation.

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