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Feb 28 2024

HIV+ Creep Feeds Chemically Induced Secretions to Baby

Government healthcare authorities officially approve of feeding to infants repugnant substances that men proclaiming themselves to be women are chemically induced to secrete from their nipples. Yet it still jolts the conscience to realize this is actually happening:

A trans-identified male residing in Canada who claims to be HIV positive and inserts progesterone rectally has been allegedly “breastfeeding” his child with the support of established medical clinics. Former men’s rights activist Murray Pearson, 52, who uses the name Margaret (Margie) Fancypants on social media, has been criticized after he shared an image of himself at a lactation clinic holding a young infant.

Liberalism has reduced children to props to be exploited by narcissistic freaks.

Disturbingly, Pearson has also revealed that he is HIV positive and is aware that the deadly virus can be transmitted through breastfeeding.

The risk to the baby is small price to pay for Pearson to be his “true self.”

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.


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