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Feb 14 2024

Houston Police Focus on Maniac’s Pronouns

Even with a government as bloated as ours, authorities have limited resources, so investigating crime is all about priories. When transsexual maniac Genesse Ivonne Moreno tried to shoot up a famous church during service, apparently using a small child as a human shield, authorities zeroed in on the most important issue — his/her/its preferred pronouns:

At a news conference to update the public on the shooting on Monday, the Houston Police Department explained that it went to extreme lengths … in order to not refer to her by the wrong gender…

No matter how appalling Moreno’s crimes and intentions, transsexual psychosis must always be pandered to with maximal obsequiousness, in keeping with our state ideology.

The police using “she/her” on Moreno would normally confirm that this was a man as earlier reported, but at this point there is no way to know because we cannot believe anything we are told.

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2 Responses to “Houston Police Focus on Maniac’s Pronouns”

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