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Feb 12 2024

Transsexual Maniac Genesse Ivonne Moreno

Recruit the certifiably insane into the Cultural Marxist coalition. Egg them on in their lunacy, affirming their delusions and offering precious victim status for flaunting their derangement. Pump them full of hormones. Nurture their paranoia with lies that they are put upon. Tell them Christians and conservatives are committing genocide against them. If local psychos are not violent enough, import more on an unvetted basis from the most violent countries in the world. Allow criminals to run loose no matter how many crimes they have committed. Then stand back and watch the fun.

The dust hasn’t settled, so details are unclear, but Genesse Ivonne Moreno seemed to cover most of the bases as he shot up Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church in Houston yesterday:

Moreno, who has a lengthy criminal record and was born as a man – Jeffrey Escalante – from El Salvador, was killed after off-duty police officers at the church responded to the incident. …

The message “Free Palestine” also was written on the rifle used in the attack, investigators said. …

The shooting happened Sunday afternoon before the Houston megachurch’s 2 p.m. Spanish service was set to begin.

This is emblematic of the risk children are subjected to:

Moreno entered the church with a long rifle, wearing a backpack and a trench coat and accompanied by a 5-year-old child…

At last word, the child is in critical condition and not expected to survive.

Too bad for the media that Moreno will be so hard to characterize as a typical Trump supporter. Otherwise, the story would have been hyped into the stratosphere and exploited to attack our right of self-defense.

Please welcome Genesse Ivonne Moreno to the Transsexual Violence Hall of Horrors:

Genesse Ivonne Moreno
Elizabeth West
Thorsten Heinz P.
Steven Buchanan/Susan Monica
Dylan Butler
Kendall Stephens
Leion Butler
Jason Lee Willie
Audrey Hale
Kimbrady Carriker
Maya McKinney
Snochia Moseley
Anderson Lee Aldrich
Moses Lopez
William Whitworth
Shanu Varma
A guy calling himself Lara
Zion William Teasley
Jason Michael Hann
Cali Anderson
Dana Rivers
Vivian Ginger-Rain Shemansky
Linnea Pugmire
Mark Campbell
Paul S.

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