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Jun 09 2022

How the Department of Energy Spends Your Money

Turns out the Department of Energy serves an actual purpose. It produces propaganda intended to persuade the gullible that the stratospheric energy prices the Biden Regime created deliberately, consistent with leftist global warming ideology, are actually the fault of Russia and Covid:

The video mentions that oil production in the USA has not returned to pre-Covid levels. It does not mention that this is because Trump was the president before Covid and now we have Biden, who has gone out of his way to suppress energy production from his first days in office.

It points out that energy prices are up globally. This was caused largely by crippling production in the world’s leading producer of energy, the USA.

Rather than allowing us to access our own resources, Biden is irresponsibly depleting our strategic petroleum reserves. We are supposed to regard this as a good thing. It will have consequences when we find ourselves at war with China and out of oil. How apt that the video presents as typical Americans an apparently Chinese woman and her child.

At last the video comes to the solution to Biden having choked off our energy supply: stop using energy. We must reduce reliance on fossil fuels and instead power the economy with politically correct green gestures.

No serious person thinks we can keep the economy running on the meager, unreliable energy provided by liberal-approved technology like wind turbines and solar panels. If we don’t get Democrats out of power before they collapse the economy in the name of the climate, there will be mass starvation in the USA.

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