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Mar 26 2023

Idaho Legalizes Firing Squads

Good news from Idaho: a bill legalizing execution by firing squad has been signed into law.

Gov. Brad Little signed the bill after it was passed on March 20 by a veto-proof majority of the Idaho Legislature. …

Idaho is the fifth state in the country to legalize the practice, following Utah, Oklahoma, South Carolina, and Mississippi.

As death penalty expert Deborah Denno observes,

“The firing squad is the quickest, surest and most error-free and the only technique for which we have skilled and trained professionals.”

Firing squads are more humane than lethal injection, which does not work as reliably. More importantly, lethal injection hides the grim reality of death by masking it in a pseudo-medical procedure, like abortion and euthanasia.

Capital punishment needs to be carried out in dramatic fashion. The purpose is not only to punish the wrongdoer or to guarantee that he will do no further harm, but to affirm publicly that there are acts of evil that a healthy society finds absolutely intolerable.

Only three crimes come to mind that could warrant the ultimate punishment: murder, high treason, and the sexual mutilation/exploitation of children.

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