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May 03 2022

Discovery+ Sexually Exploits Children With Generation Drag

Unless you are a member of the minority that approves of sexualizing children for the sake of advancing the LGBT agenda, Discovery+ is less interested in entertaining you than in poking you in the eye. This is accomplished with a new series about underage drag queens to be launched this June in honor of “pride” month:

The series’, “Generation Drag,” executive producer is modeling superstar Tyra Banks and is set to air six episodes in June. It follows the young aspiring drag performers as they prepare for “Dragutante,” a drag ball for queer teens in Denver, Colorado.

Discovery+ is taking sides in the war between parents and LGBT groomers that has been raging in Florida. It is as if the people in charge believe their subscriber base consists entirely of liberal degenerates.

In virtually any society that has ever existed, the perverts responsible for this would be imprisoned — if they survived long enough:

President of TLC Streaming and Network Originals Howard Lee praises this sick filth on the grounds that the children being sexually exploited demonstrate a commitment to “being true to themselves and recognizing the importance of living authentically” by pretending to be members of the opposite sex.

The plan must be to immerse us in depravity and insanity until we succumb to it. If decency is not dead, it will work as well for Discovery+ as well as it has for Disney.

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