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Jun 15 2021

Illinois Mom Pushes Back Against Leftist Education

Tatiana Ibrahim of Carmel, New York is not the only mom who has had enough of the depravity that is force fed to children by the leftists who control schools. Becky Swan let loose at a school board meeting in Bloomington-Normal, Illinois:

Swan’s statement came in response to a new bill, S.B. 0818, which mandates that schools teaching sex education in the state must comply with the National Sex Education Standards. The bill has passed both chambers of the Illinois legislature and now awaits signing by Democratic Gov. J.B. Pritzker.

With left-wing maniacs in control of Washington, no parent should want national standards inflicted on their children. But Democrats are all about ending local control so as to implement their centralized, top-down, authoritarian approach to everything from education to elections.

Swan observed that the Democrat approach to sex ed “sexually grooms young children by introducing sensitive and inappropriate topics.”

Reading a sampling from the NSES, she noted that students in kindergarten through second grade are expected to “list medically accurate names for body parts, including the genitals” …

Grade 3–5 education features sexual feelings and masturbation.

Those children are also taught that “gender expression and gender identity exist along a spectrum” and are expected to “distinguish between sex assigned at birth and gender identity” as well as be able to “describe the role hormones play in the physical, social, cognitive, and emotional changes during adolescence and the potential role of hormone blockers on young people who identify as transgender.”

By the time children reach grades 6-8, they are expected to be able to “define vaginal, oral, and anal sex” …

In healthier times, adults would have been arrested for talking to children about these subjects.

Swan brandished a book with an Orwellian title that is apparently used in Illinois schools. Illustrations make it obvious that the book is not suitable for children.

The book, “It’s Perfectly Normal: Changing Bodies, Growing Up, Sex, and Sexual Health,” has been the subject of controversy and outrage before. It includes illustrated depictions of naked teens and adults, sexual intercourse, different types of birth control, homosexuality, and masturbation.

Despite the outrage, the book is still widely used in public schools. It is not enough to complain. To prevent children from being molded into degenerate moonbats, parents need to push as hard and as relentlessly as leftists have been pushing their deranged ideology down the country’s throat.

Swan also takes a swing at critical race theory indoctrination. Watch and admire:

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