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Dec 15 2023

Isaac Newton Was Now Indian

History does not comply with liberal ideology, because too many important historical figures were members of the hated European race. So history is revised. Cleopatra, an Egyptian of Macedonian descent, was now black. So was Anne Boleyn. Sir Isaac Newton was now Indian:

The “woke” reboot of long-running sci-fi series Doctor Who has fans rolling their eyes once again after casting an actor of Indian heritage to play English polymath Sir Isaac Newton. In the second episode of the latest season, the titular character travels to 1666 where Newton, played by “queer actor” Nathanial Curtis, formulates gravitational theory after an apple falls on his head.

Curtis’s sexual aberration is a plus, because Doctor Who has undergone an alteration as well. Now being stylishly gay, he is sexually attracted to the Indian Isaac Newton.

In case you need another reason not to watch TV:

Does it matter if an actor’s race is conspicuously different from that of the character he portrays? Have a white guy play MLK and find out.

On a tip from Franco.


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