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Dec 04 2021

Anne Boleyn Was Now Black

The displacement of Caucasians in favor of more politically correct racial groups extends well beyond advertising. It even encroaches on the past. A three-part drama entitled Anne Boleyn will premiere on AMC+ this Thursday, with the starring role played by a black woman named Jodie Turner-Smith.

The reengineered history of Anne Boleyn has already aired in Britain on Channel 5.

Bleats series writer Eve Hedderwick Turner:

“Because it is such a well-known period of history and Anne’s story itself has been really well covered, we wanted to make sure that it felt fresh and alive and different. And also, reflective of our society today — so that hopefully we would attract new audiences who maybe didn’t see relevance in watching a story like this previously.”

Eve flatters the audience if she thinks most television viewers know all about Anne Boleyn. Most will come away from the series thinking she was beheaded in an act of racist oppression. Maybe that was the intention. People learn most of what they think they know about history from the entertainment industry. This is one reason it is so alarmingly powerful.

Anne’s brother George will also be played by a black person — just to keep things realistic.

There were approximately zero blacks in England when the now-erased white Anne Boleyn lost her head in 1536.

Presumably Henry VIII can keep his white skin, to go with his role as villain.

Meanwhile, liberal establishment platforms like the BBC and Los Angeles Times screech in self-righteous rage when white actors play nonwhite characters, even when it is nowhere near as jarringly incongruous as a black Anne Boleyn.

What Anne Boleyn now looked like.

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