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Nov 11 2023

Israel Puts MSM/Hamas Journalists on Termination List

Photojournalists who get paid by the liberal establishment media not only accompanied Hamas terrorists during their horrific atrocities, they even carried grenades…

…and were defended for doing so by the Hamas-friendly Washington Post.

Finally, with Bibi Netanyahu in charge, Israel may be getting tired of goofing around:

Photojournalists like Hassan Eslaiah were on the scene as innocent families were tortured and murdered because they played an essential role in the atrocities, the main point of which was to generate propaganda to fire up Muslims and win the hearts and minds of liberals in the West. Despite getting paid by AP, Reuters, CNN, et al., they are in effect terrorists.

Admittedly, it is hard to draw lines regarding an enemy with no honor that does not obey the rules of warfare. What is the distinction between Hamas terrorists and the Hamas-supporting population of Gaza that they hide behind? It’s not as if the terrorists have uniforms and serial numbers.

Come to think of it, what is the difference between Hamas and the liberal media in general? They are clearly allies, having a common enemy in Western Civilization.

Maybe the Mossad should carry out operations against WaPo.

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