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Sep 27 2023

Jackpot Justice for the Psychosexually Deranged

If you can make money in this culture by being morbidly obese, why not by having been brainwashed as a child into thinking you are “nonbinary”?

Lior Onaly-Kelsey, now 15, was eight years old and in third grade when other students at Oak Grove began to bully and harass them because they are nonbinary, according to a press release sent Monday by Johnson, Johnson, Lucas & Middleton, P.C., the firm representing Onaly-Kelsey.

Eight-year-olds did not come up with the concept of being “nonbinary” on their own.

Lior was allegedly called “the devil’s spawn” by other kids. It is further alleged that the principal, who is now retired, did not do enough to stop the teasing. A federal jury has spoken:

Greater Albany Public Schools and former Oak Grove Elementary School Principal Jerrie Matuszak violated Oregon law, the U.S. Constitution and the federal sex-based protections known as Title IX by discriminating against a former elementary school student for their gender identity.


The jury awarded Onaly-Kelsey $317,353 in compensation.

Such lawsuits not only enrich members of a preferred identity group, they also help drive the liberal agenda:

Superintendent Andy Gardner, who began leading Greater Albany schools last year, said the events related to the dispute began in 2017. Since then, the district has made several changes, including developing a strategic plan “rooted in equity,” creating a new equity, diversity and inclusion department and updating the district’s bias incident response procedures.

The ratchet turns another notch toward totalitarian moonbattery.

Gardner said the district has been leaning on the Oregon Department of Education’s Supporting Gender [Expansive] Students guidance, which was released in January.

As has been observed, the abandonment of education in favor of indoctrinating children with a depraved sexual agenda is creating a mental health crisis. At least Lior Onaly-Kelsey will be able to afford a good psychiatrist.

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